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This time of year at work is busy season. It’s at the time when I get a lot of projects all at once with the same deadline. If you got the humor in my post called, “Graphic Design Humor on the Listserv” you probably feel my pain. But don’t worry. Everything will be back to normal next week, since all the deadlines are tomorrow or over the weekend. Well that’s as long as I don’t have any Photoshop disasters. So we might just have to wait and see about that. ;)

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Also keep sending me emails. I got a few good ones that I will talk about next week. If you wondering what kind of email you should send me here is a list of ideas.

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- Tell me about a bacon related product (if Archie McPhee sells it I know about it)
- Photos of bacon (favorite bacon burger, bacon sightings, any thing else bacon)
- Recipes (I love to eat so give me ideas)
- Beers you think I should try (I like IPAs and Brown Ales the most)
- Bacon stories (tell me about something that happened to you that involves bacon)
- New technology (I love leaning about new gadgets)
- Foodie and Tech rumors (I like to be in the know and it would be nice to know something that guys at don’t)

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Those are just some ideas but you can really email me just about anything… as long as you’re not spam.

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One Response to No Time to Blog or Eat Bacon

  1. [...] I was bogged down at work I asked you to send me emails and I am happy to report that a few of you actually did. Here are two that I would like to share [...]

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