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Thank god I read Bacon Unwrapped because I would have never known that April is National BLT Month. Heather wrote about this on April 1st so I thought it was an April Fools joke. But then I looked into it and it’s true! A whole month to celebrate BLT’s.

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If you’re some kind of freak and don’t know what a BLT is, it’s a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. It’s the second-most popular sandwich in the US, with the ham sandwich being first. It became popular after WWII when supermarkets expanded and offered fresh lettuce and tomatoes all year round.

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I only enjoy a BLT at home, I don’t think a restaurant would do it right. Since the bacon must be cooked to crispy perfection, I like to do it myself. I also like to finish off a BLT with a heaping spread of mayonnaise. Yummy!

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This post is making me hungry, I think I am going to make a BLT for dinner.

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9 Responses to April is National BLT Month

  1. Matt G says:

    I like mine just meat n’ bunnnn

  2. Mosley says:

    Haha!!! I forgot about that….

  3. Dug says:

    July has to be BLT month.Thats when the good garden fresh tomatoes come in.

  4. Mosley says:

    Well since there are stores fresh tomatoes are a round all year. But I do get what your saying. A tomato you grow yourself is always better then the ones in the store.

  5. Brooks says:

    I’ve got 30 pounds of Vande Rose Farms Dry Cured Applewood Smoked Bacon leftover from the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival that will be great for some hearty BLT’s with a couple cold PBR’s!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh Bacon!

  6. Mosley says:

    That would make an giant BLT if you cooked it all at the same time. You would need 12 tomatoes and 3 heads of lettuce.

    - Mr. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Baconpants!

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