I am not a big fan of chain restaurants but every once in a while one does something that perks my interest. This time it’s Chili’s with their Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burgers. The mammoth burger features extra-thick applewood-smoked or sugar and chilie-rubbed bacon. Click here to watch Chili’s commercial for them.

Chili’s offers the new burgers in three different flavors:
Jalapeno – Extra thick-cut applewood smoked bacon topped with layers of smoked cheddar cheese, crunchy tortilla strips, jalapeños and mayo. Served with jalapeño-ranch dressing on the side.

Southern – Extra thick-cut brown sugar & chile-rubbed bacon topped with smoked cheddar cheese, crispy onion strings and mayo. Served with ancho-chile BBQ sauce on the side.

Triple-the-Cheese – Extra thick-cut jalapeño applewood smoked bacon triple-layered with smoked cheddar, Swiss and provolone cheeses, sauteed onions and jalapeño-ranch dressing. Served with jalapeño-ranch dressing on the side.

I am curious to see what the extra-thick bacon is like. I like my bacon crispy and I can imagine that this thick cut bacon is going to be chewy. I hope this new burger isn’t a letdown like the Wendy’s Baconator was which turned out to be a chewy greasy mess.

Once I try one of these I will give a full review of it. In the meantime if you have had one of these please share your experience by adding a comment.

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4 Responses to Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burgers

  1. As a fellow bacon lover – especially thick cut bacon, I’ve got to say the absolute best bacon I’ve ever had, and i’VE HAD SOME GOOD BACON! Is at Peter Lugar’s in Brooklyn.

    Now Peter Lugers is the best steak house in New York City, (the 34 ounce Porterhouse is the best I’ve ever had, sure it’s $100.00, but this is a 34 ounce master piece, like the Mona Lisa of steaks), for sure, but not everyone knows it also has the BEST BACON in the world! Truely an awesome sight and taste. Not cheap at $3 per strip, but you could make a whole sandwich out of one strip, they’re about 1/3″ thick, AFTER COOKING, and totally awesome!

    They’re crispy, but still tender, the fat, and there’s lots of it, is totally crisped like perfect pork rinds. And they’re barbequed with black crispy meat shelled edges, surrounding the tender red meat inside.

    The team I work with regularily discuss the complete awesomeness of this bacon, I definitely suggest any bacon lover that finds himself, (do women like bacon as much as men???), in NYC to head on over to Peter Lugars and order at least 3 strips, money well spent.

  2. Matt Gagnon says:

    Omg there is nothing better than nice thick bacon off of a recently slaughtered pig.

  3. […] Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burgers MrBaconpants com Posted by root 5 minutes ago ( This time it chili with their smokehouse bacon big mouth burgers the mammoth burger features served with ancho chile bbq sauce on the side in the meantime if you have had one of these please share your experience by adding a comment powered by wordpress2 Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burgers MrBaconpants com […]

  4. Vinson Philip Kang says:

    Hi Mr. Baconpants!

    I’ve chanced upon your site about 2 years ago, and when I saw your write-up about the Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger, I knew I would have to try it myself.

    Well, finally, Chili’s opened an outlet in my country (Singapore) last month. I tried the burger last night and it was excellent! We only have the Southern flavor though. I couldn’t believe how thick the bacon was. I am not a good food reviewer but all I can say is that it is one hell of a bacon burger. 😛

    Best wishes,

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