Video Bacon

Will this be the next hit song to come out of an iPod commercial? I don’t think so, but this song is still amusing. The reason I posted this video was because I was amazed how far this video traveled to get to my blog.

Here is what I am talking about:
The video was uploaded on YouTube. Then a blog (neuerdings) written in a language I can’t read, posted an article about the video. Soon after that a blog called Swiss Miss posted the video with a link to the GarageBand file. The chain continues when a lazy blogger at code77 just posts the video with no explanation. Thank god the bloggers at Cruchgear know whats up and post the video with some text along with it. After that I read the post in my feed reader, which bring us to the end of this video’s adventure to the land of bacon.

I may be the only one that finds this interesting, but I wanted to share. I think it’s amazing how fast and far content can travel once it goes viral on the internet.

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6 Responses to Music for the Next iPod Commercial

  1. dug says:

    Shrooms! Right?

  2. Mosley says:

    dug (aka dad),

    Haha! Yeah I would think the guy that made this song was on them.

  3. Well, WE of blogwerk ltd find it very interesting, too. Especially because in this case we were the second node in the chain…
    The language of btw is german, and the original post has a few more of these songs made from error-sounds – mainly windows… Check out the last one, its amazing.

  4. Mosley says:


    I knew it looked like German, but I wasn’t sure. When I was in Middle School I took an intro to languages class and German was one of them. It was the only one that was easy for me to learn. Sadly I moved to a different school and they didn’t offer German. So I never got to learn a lot of it. It’s one of my goals learn it, just haven’t had the time to really take the goal seriously.

    I am glad you find it interesting. I thought I would be the only person that thinks that kind of stuff is neat. Thanks for pointing out those other songs. Once I get to a computer with sound I will listen to them.

  5. Chilebrown says:

    You can either accept, or decline. But you’ve been tagged over at “Mad Meat Genius” for a Meme.

  6. i like this little tune, it shows what you can do with a little time on your hands and garage band. thats why i love fiddling around with my mac all the time.

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