In the beginning of February I quietly launched a new project call Chest Laser. It’s an online independent clothing and art store. All of the products and designs are made by different artists but share a common theme and/or look.

My goal is to create a place where people can shop for artist-made goods and to be an alternative to shopping at major chain stores. Other places try to profit off the artists; I let the artists profit from me.

I got the idea from Shana Logic. Her store sells mostly cutesy stuff, so I want to create a store that sells edgier things. I also know a few artists that have things to sell but don’t have the internet know-how to sell them online. Since I have the know-how and they have the talent, this should work out great.

I would like to thank Matt Gondek for creating the graphics for the site and the first limited edition shirt. He also helped in the brainstorming for a catchy and edgy name for the store.

I am working out contracts with two more artists. I hope to have their products up sometime next week. Keep checking the site for more details as they become available.

I am always looking for artists to partner with to sell their creations. If you are an established artist or just starting out, I would love to hear from you. Contact me at jmosley at chestlaser dot com for more details.

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One Response to Chest Laser: Weapon of Choice for Indie Artists

  1. Emily says:

    Haha that first sentence sounds like the opening of a science fiction/mystery novel or something.

    P.S. That fashion/craft show is Feb. 22nd…I’m planning on going if I’m not scheduled to work, so let me know if you want to go with me to network.

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