Comedy Central is hosting a Stand-up Showdown and right now Jim “Bacon Lover” Gaffigan is in 3rd. He needs your help, so vote for him once a day every day. You can vote for him here.

Bacon Unwrapped has reported that Jim will eat a piece of bacon for every vote for him. If your not sure who he is, here is a video of his bacon standup.

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2 Responses to Vote for Jim Gaffigan, He Loves Bacon

  1. Emily says:

    Wow, and Lewis Black is in 5th, what the heck? I’m definitely going to have to vote, but I wanna check out the others as well. We already know Jim Gaffigan is good! haha

  2. Beth says:

    Demetri Martin!!! That’s the guy’s name I couldn’t remember. Whew. He’s funny, but I think my sweet sweet Dave Attell will have to get my vote. It’s a tie between him and Mitch. Sorry Bacon Lovers!

    I can’t believe that guy with the puppet is #1.

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