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6 Responses to Office Etiquette – 006

  1. Beth says:

    this means you

  2. Mosley says:

    Yes I know… but its so hard to keep my mouth shut sometime!

    Don’t I look hot as Jackson!

  3. gondek says:

    ok i’m dumb.

    who is that a picture of


    what did you do?

  4. Mosley says:


    The guy in the front (were Washington would be) is my friend (i work with) and I am the sexy fellow taking the place of Jackson.

    Its a joke about how your not really aloud to talk about Politics at work. Me and him talk about them everyday so its funny to us.

    I am shore other people would find humor in it since every office has at least one person that always gets on a soapbox about political issues.

  5. Emily says:

    Haha yeah and I’m always trying to get him to shut up so we don’t get fired. They take this stuff way more seriously where I work…we’re not even allowed to run for public office, which is stupid. And up until like two years ago, we weren’t allowed to wear political t-shirts even though I snuck my George Bush is not my President shirt in once.

    And Mosley you look bald as Jackson and that really scares me. haha

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