If you’re thinking about buying QuickBooks for your personal accounting, don’t waste the money. I have found a website that does just about everything you want for personal banking management. The site is called and it’s a free online check registry. What I like the most about it is you don’t have to enter any of your personal bank information in it for it to work. Like a real check register all you have to do is enter a starting balance and keep up with your transactions. That’s it!

It has a lot of tools to help you manage your account, like a Chatbot that you can use to enter in transactions via instant messaging. Once you get the hang of it you can enter in all your transactions without having to log into the website. This saves you some time and makes it so easy you have no excuse not to be using it. You will find yourself saving more money and you should have no more surprise overdraft fees.

So before you waste your money on expensive accounting software or get charged more overdraft fees, check out

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8 Responses to Your Checkbook Goes Web 2.0

  1. emily says:

    I should check this out. Although I haven’t updated my Microsoft Money app in like, oh 6 months!! haha Woops.

  2. Vince says:

    This website is just an elaborate way of selling on your spending habits, whilst attempting to masquerade as a useful tool. Anyone who can’t see that deserves to be exploited.

  3. Mosley says:

    Their privacy statement says “None of the information you enter into will be sent to, seen by, sold to, mailed to, faxed to, emailed to, announced to, written to, or by any other form of communication, given to anyone else.”

    So if they are doing that, they will have a law suit on their hands. I really don’t think that’s what’s happing here.

    But think for the tip. You never can really know what’s happening with your information online, so it’s good to be careful of things like that. I will be sure to keep an eye on the site and make sure nothing shady is going on.

  4. Vince says:

    Privacy statements are generally complete rubbish, and are wored in such a fashion that they JUST legally make themselves seem secure, even though they’re not.

    For example, in what you pasted it says that (essentially) nobody but will see what you’re entering into the site. But just who is Do you question the integrity of the people behind the site? No, people seem to be more concerned with the immediate danger of information propagation. For all we know, could be an information harvesting company.

    Honestly, there is no logical purpose that I can see, for anyone to do their finances online using a website. It makes absolutely ZERO sense and essentially you are handing over your sensitive data to someone else to do whatever they like with. If they sell that data on without your personal details, how are you possibly going to know? I guarantee you, and I’ll even put MONEY on the fact that someone is profiting from that website.

    These days, where credit and finances are such a big thing, it’s an incredibly lucrative business. Knowing exactly what people spend and where would most definitely be information that people would pay for.

  5. Mosley says:

    @ Vince

    You make good points. I understand you loud and clear but even if they are selling my info who cares. There is nothing on that site that could really point who I am and if I did find out I would get to be on Judge Judy. Also, Google probably as more incriminating information about me, then this site dose.

    The benefit of having your checkbook online is that you can update it anywhere. You can update via txt message too. So you don’t have to worry about saving your recites. It helps me out a lot.

    The person behind ClearCheckbook is a 25 year old programmer named Brandon. He made it for himself and then opened it up to other people. Here is his personal blog.

    I think we are going to have to disagree about this. I found this quote on your blog so I think I will have to man up and let you get the last f*$#@ word in.

    “… I will argue to the f*$#@ death or until you’re just so sick of arguing that you give up. I can argue for days.”

    My life is more important to me then this argument 😉

    NOTE: I love your blog by the way!

  6. Vince says:

    Thanks, but it’s not an argument, it’s a discussion. You like the site, I don’t. I offer valid reasons not why you shouldn’t like the site, but why you should be careful using it and such websites that ask you for relatively sensitive information.

    As an Internet user you should really question the motives behind websites. Most of the time users assume sites are there to help you out, and somehow provide a convenient way to allow you to do things. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the time this simply isn’t the case.

    It doesn’t matter who the creator is, what you’ll rarely discover is the actual intent of the website. How do you know this “Brandon” doesn’t work for a company who are paying him for access to his database? Marketing-privacy concerns aside, how do you know his data is secure to begin with? Whilst you might not care about the integrity of data that says you spent XYZ amount on food in ABC place this month – it is, however, information that can EASILY increase the chance of you falling victim to identity theft.

    People give away information far too easily in order to try and save time. They accomodate mediums which should, in all reality, be completely avoided. Whatever happened to working out your budget on a piece of paper? Why seriously over-engineer a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist to begin with, when people have been using pen and paper since the dawn of literacy? 😉

  7. Mosley says:

    Pen and Paper are not good options for me. Your going to just have to trust me with that comment.

    Also I really dont even put Company ABC. I just put how much it was and something to remind me what it is. I think of it like a Calculator that with an unlimited memory feature.

    There is not personal information about me on this site. No name, address, zip. Only numbers and simply words like Bill Store Restaurant. The only think that they could really have on me is one of the 3 IP address of the computers i use and thats about it.

    I think the information they will have is no more incriminating or useful then if I found you paper checkbook on the ground.

    I really dont know what I should be afraid of. There is not personal information on there server. I have found other sites that want your account numbers and stuff but this is not one of them. You should sign up for an account wit ha fake email and you will see.

    Its no different then your paper checkbook register.

  8. Dug says:

    Right on Vince

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