If you have a bacon lover on your holiday shopping list I am here to help. I picked out a few of my favorite bacon novelties and books I think they would enjoy.

Update: Check out the 2008-09 Ultimate Bacon Lovers Gift Guide.


Novelties from Merch-Bot.com

Patron Saint of Bacon – If you have a Catholic bacon lover on your list this is a no brainer. I don’t personally own one of these, so I don’t know if it really helps you cook bacon better.

Bacon Air Freshener – Your car and/or house will smell like bacon heaven. If you know your bacon lover lives with a vegetarian this is a must have.

Bacon Bandages – If your Bacon lover is like me and is accident prone they will love you forever if you got them some of these. Unfortunately they do not smell or taste like bacon.

Bacon Wallet – It’s a wallet that looks like bacon. Do I need to say anything else?

Bacon Lunch Box – If your Bacon lover is a worker bee then get him/her this. They will be the envy of all the other bees in the hive.

Books from Amazon.com
In the below widget you will find cook books that will be perfect for that bacon love on your list. If you use this widget to buy the books from Amazon.com you will be supporting this site. Thanks!

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18 Responses to Bacon Lovers Gift Guide

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  3. fakin' bacon says:

    FYI – first link (“Patron Saint of Bacon”) coughs up an error on reference:
    Home :: Patron saint of bacon figurine
    Sorry, the product was not found.

    The title of the book(?) is partially occulted… is the second word “by”, by any chance? “Seduced by Bacon” — whoa, sounds even better than Death by same.

    I know not what others may say, but as for me: give me Librium or give me meth!

  4. Mosley says:

    @ Fakin’ Bacon

    Sorry about the bad link. I guess Merch-bot sold out of them. So I found a new link that sells the product.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Also yes the book is called “Seduced by Bacon”!

    As for you last comments, this blog the not support drug use. I don’t “Haze” Reality, I live it!

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  7. nick says:

    Okay I’m looking for the most utterly obsessive looking bacon product i can get.
    I am obsessed with bacon and everyone I know knows that. I’ve already bought the bacon wallet and cannot find anything else non-edible to tickle my fancy.
    Any suggestions

  8. Mosley says:

    I could make you a pair of official Baconpants! But I would have to charge a lot for them since I cant have everyone were pants like me ;)!

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  12. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  13. dave says:

    I was thinking,”Google is great, but wouldn’t it be better with bacon?” So I made this site. It’s basically just a google search, but it has a slight preference toward bacon-related content. If the full version is too heavy for you, click on the link for the lite version. Enjoy.

  14. guest says:


  15. Jamesbaker83 says:

     Hey bacon lovers! I have entered a contest on Facebook and need the bacon army to ‘Like’ my BACON WI-FI invention!! Just click the link below and click ‘Like’ underneath the Brief Description (not the like button up top :) )
    Thanks Baconators!

  16. jaci says:

    I would like to see a bacon watch the band could look like bacon and the hands could be also

  17. jamescristy says:

    I found this great product on line called The Grease Disposal this thing works awesome for bacon grease   http://WWW.THEGREASEDISPOSAL.COM

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