Mondays Are Better With Bacon

I feel the best way to start the week after a long weekend is with a few bacon updates. Over the weekend it seemed bacon was on everyone’s mind. Just about everyone I met had something bacon related to say. Here are a few I found interesting.


Seduced by Bacon: Americas Favorite Indulgence – A friend said they heard about this book on NPR over the weekend so I went to Amazon to check it out. The book has a one sentence description, “A celebration of bacon, filled with gorgeous photographs and seductive new recipes both savory and sweet”. I like how they say the recipes are seductive, that right there makes me feel like running out now and buying the book.

Guess What I’m Craving this MorningSaskboy also had bacon on the brain. He sent me this post about the thought process this guy goes through in the morning featuring bacon. I found it funny that this guy is afraid to cook bacon without pants, some of the commenter’s on the post think otherwise.

Oscar Mayer’s New Package – This update comes from Andy at WGN Radio 720, it looks like even Chicago couldn’t stop thinking about bacon. He sent me a link about the new bacon packaging from Oscar Mayer. Since I have been doing a lot of my food shopping at Trader Joe’s I didn’t know about the new look. Sadly they have a limited bacon selection there.

I hope your Monday is a little better after a few tasty bacon updates. If you ever come across some interesting bacon news let me know via any possible means of communication. Thanks!