PandoraHere is a list of the websites I use on a daily basis other than my own blogs. I love doing lists like this because I never realize how often I visit a website until I stop and think about it. If you have any website you use everyday please share them in a comment.

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Pandora (Internet Radio) – When you are at work this is a life saver. Listening to and finding new music really makes the day go by a little faster.

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MeeBo (Instant Messaging) – This site is great for when you don’t have an instant massager installed in a computer. It is compatible will most chat services.

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30Boxes (Calendar) – I used to hate online calendars, but then I found this one. All you have to type is, “Meeting on Sunday at 8pm” and it knows. Just give it a try.

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Buzzword (Word Processing) – Once everyone can sign up for this, it will be the new standard that everyone is going to copy.

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Flickr (Images) – I don’t use this that much for my own images, but I do use it to look at my friends. Being able to tag photos is the greatest invention ever.

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GMail (Email) – I think everyone knows about this one. If you don’t have a gmail account yet, get one.

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NetVibes (Feed Reader) – I just found this site and I am already impressed. All the information I want, on one easy page. There are a lot of sites that do this, but I feel this is the only one that does it right.

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5 Responses to Websites I Can Not Live Without

  1. Nick D. (Bacon Guy) says:

    this blog mrbaconpants,, and are three internet things i cannot live w/o

  2. Mosley says:


    I like how you call my site one of the internet things. I used to have a game on NewGrounds a long time ago. I wonder if its still up…

  3. Rachel says:

    I use most of those, but lately I’ve been kind of addicted to Twitter. I also check Facebook daily, though it’s been significantly less over the past year. And, of course, WordPress.

    It was nice meeting you tonight. :)

  4. Mosley says:


    Yeah I used Facebook too, but I have yet to jump on the Twitter ban wagon…

    It was nice to meet you too. Hope you like bacon!

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