When I first heard about Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints I knew I had to try one. The thought of the smoky flavor of bacon and the hint of mint made my mouth water. But sadly when I finely tasted this combination I was disappointed.

Bacon Mints

At first the bacon flavor hits you, followed quickly with the mint flavor. This part is not bad, but then after the mint is gone you are left with a strange bacon after taste. If they could only make the mint flavor last longer than the bacon flavor, these mints would be refreshing.

There is a bright side to this review. Since the bacon flavor lasts so long, this might be a good option to use when you’re eating and need a little bacon flavor. For example, if you’re at a restaurant and they don’t offer a burger with bacon (which is blasphemy). You could eat a bacon mint first, so while you’re eating the burger you can enjoy the sweet taste of bacon.

Here is what a few other people said after I talked them into trying a Bacon Mint:

Alexis – “Wow, they’re definitely bacony”!
Rich – “Man, that’s strange… where did you get those”?
Jen – “Looks aren’t everything, particularly when it comes to meat-flavored mints. I was lured in by the cheerful pig on the front of the Savory Bacon Mints tin. My anticipation quickly turned to dismay upon biting into a mint. The smoky-minty-plastic-like taste made me run for an Altoid.”
Lisa – “Upon opening the decorative tin (which could be repurposed into a snazzy paperclip holder), I was greeted by the vaguely minty yet smoky aroma. Kind of like if you threw Tic-Tacs into a campfire. And then I popped a single mint into my mouth.
My taste buds erupted with the strong smoky flavor, which then gave way to hints of mint. And then it just tasted like pig basted with a Scope marinade. Not bad, but not exactly refreshing. “

If you tried these before, feel free to comment with your thought about them. If you want to buy a tin, support my sponsors by buying them from Merch-Bot.com. Thanks!

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13 Responses to Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints

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  4. Sarah Lowson says:

    Your bacon is shit

  5. Sten says:

    Man, you’ve got it all wrong! My mate and I hoed into his tin of the things when we were really drunk the other night. We thought we’d been conned because all we tasted was mint… then, after a few seconds mastication, the piggy flavour hit. Not what I’d call Bacon, but still, a very definitely piggy flavour was evident.

    I wouldn’t say I hated the product in question, but I guess to try it while sober would be the proof in the proverbial pudding.

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  9. Baconholic says:

    Plain and simple, these mints SUCK! They taste NOTHING like BACON. If you open a box of bandades and take a big sniff….that’s the best way I could describe them to their taste! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY !!!

  10. Nw Parrothead says:

    They have that weird Band-Aid smell/taste to them.

  11. abbikate says:

    Finally, not finely. Jiminy.

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