The Sonic Drive-In has only been open for a few weeks in Pittsburgh and I already found a good reason to go. It seems that Sonic has a limited time menu item called, the Extra-Long Bacon Cheddar Cheesesteak, wow that’s a mouth full. The sandwich is a meat-lover’s dream with steak and crispy bacon, smothered in cheddar cheese with grilled onions and mayonnaise.


I bet this will be amazing with tots and one of their many fruity drink options. I have not been to the Pittsburgh location yet, I figured I would wait until the rush was over. I hope they have this, if not I will just have to get one of their other bacontastic items.

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One Response to Sonic has a XL Bacon Cheddar Cheesesteak

  1. emily says:

    The rush will never be over! haha It’s been crazy there since it’s opened. :)

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