Every once in a while I get creative in the kitchen, and the last time I did I created a masterpiece. I call it the Bacon Chicken Cheese Wrap. It’s probably just about the easiest thing to make and I am sure its already been done, but I added my own bacon touch to it. In each wrap there are five pieces of crunchy bacon. If you look at the picture you will be able to see that there is more bacon then chicken in the wrap so bacon is the key flavor player in the recipe.

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Bacon Wrap

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Serves one Hungry person or two peckish people.

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- 10 Slices of your favorite bacon cooked to your liking
- 1 Cooked Boneless Chicken Breast
- 2 Slices of Provolone Cheese (you can substitute any cheese you want)
- Small Handful of Green Leafy Stuff (to make it look healthy)
- 2 Wraps
- Topping (Ranch or some other kind of dressing)

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Place cheese on wrap followed by chicken, five slices of bacon, and Leafy Stuff. Then top it with a dressing of your choice. Then Wrap it up and consume.

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