The 24 Hour Creative Marathon is a round-the-clock artistic blitz followed by a gallery show and sale. It will be located at the Creative Treehouse in Bellevue. I could make this a long post about the event, but am just going to direct you to their website.

24 Hour Creative Marathon

I participated in this event last year and had an amazing time. I ended up selling two art pieces. This time around I wanted to be more involved, so I am donating 4 cases of water and will cook up some bacon for artists Saturday morning.

This is the first event my blog has sponsored, and I hope more follow. Since I am starting to make some money blogging, I now have a promotional budget. I could use the money to buy more junk I don’t need, but I feel helping out local art and music events is more productive. This will kill two birds with one stone by supporting local artists (Me) and giving MrBaconpants great publicity.

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