Old AppleA few people I know hate Apple and they always tell me about it every time I mention anything to do with Apple. I always ask them why and I never get a satisfying answer from them. I usually get something along the lines of, “Apples suck and I can more on a PC”. At this point I usually just shake my head and walk away. You can’t reason with these people.

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I am still waiting for the day when someone can tell me what you can do with a PC that you can’t do with a Mac. I know games are limited, but I’m talking about real productive work. The best thing about the Mac is that it comes with very useful programs right out of the box. When was the last time you used the software that came with your Dell? If you know of anything that a PC can do that a Mac can’t please tell me.

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Another complaint I hear is, “Why do they have a one mouse button, I hate that”. Well if that bothers you can buy a two button mouse. But I find using the keyboard and mouse is faster and easier then right clicking to get a contextual menu.

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I think people that hate Macs hate them because they hate change. The reasons these people hate Macs are the same reasons I could hate a PC with Linux installed on it. But I don’t hate Linux; I just understand that it’s a different way of doing things. I personally find my Mac easier to use than my PC and enjoy working on it everyday.

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In closing I would just like to say, if you hate Macs ask yourself why. Is it really the fact that they supposedly can do less than a PC or do you hate them because they are popular and/or hip?

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Whatever reasons you have, they are fine by me. I really don’t care what computer you use or like. It’s just if you’re going to tell people you hate something, you better back it up.

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44 Responses to I Hate Mac Haters

  1. Angela says:

    My industry is dominated by Macs so I have no choice. Personally, I think the whole Mac vs. PC thing is stupid. You don’t see Honda and Toyota owners battle it out over which is better. *cough Honda cough* ;)

  2. Thumb says:

    The valid reasons I’ve heard for people’s PC preference include:
    * That’s what they use at my work.
    * I like to build my own computers.
    * I like to buy cheap products and deal with lots of problems.
    * I am mostly retarded.

    Other than that, I think the legacy preference is the main issue.

    If you enjoyed this comment, buy ME a Mac.

  3. Dug says:

    Buy that man a Mac

  4. Morgetron says:

    I’m a die hard Apple girl. Someone I know always sends me information about products and services that “aren’t compatible” with Macs. Frankly, none of the products are services are anything that I need. Anything that I want is right here packaged in my beautiful Mac.

  5. Mosley says:

    Great commments!

    I too hear that a lot of people who have PCs are retarded. I used to be one of the “I like to buy cheap products and deal with lots of problems” people. haha!

    You should buy yourself a Mac!

    I agree!

    Toyota is better!

  6. emily says:

    I just don’t like how some people hop on the Apple bandwagon, just because they think it’s ‘cool’. I think trendy products like the iPhone are the opposite of ‘cool’ just because they’re so related to pop culture and I want very little involvement in that. But I think as long as you don’t have any problems with PCs and you’re comfortable with them, there’s no reason to switch to Apple unless you get pressured into it by a trend. And I’m talking about the normal computer user and not someone who needs certain design, etc programs for work/free time/whatever.
    I only excuse you for buying into the trend, which I do think will fade eventually, because of that last line with needing the programs. But other than that, I think Mac’s are retarded, because of stupid impractical things like the one button mouse, the drop to drag eject feature, etc. But you already know this, so who knows why I’m rambling on now.

  7. Paul says:


    Your rant is totally without merit. Quite frankly, it is irrelevant because you fail to site any factual information. I not certain that you can be enlightened; you don’t appear to have the mental capacity. Furthermore, you recite ridiculous visceral reactions which are consistent with the author’s original remarks. So, let’s examine the facts:

    1. MacOS X is much more stable than XP and particularly Vista. Vista is lethargic!
    2. MacOS X is not overrun with viruses, adware, spyware and other malware.
    3. Apple products, albeit are more expensive, but are quality items with tremendous innovative design. Take a look at the Aluminum iMac with the Intel chip. By the way, you can run your PC applications via Bootcamp, VMware fusion, or Parallels. Can your PC run Mac programs?
    4. Because there are so many PC manufacturers, it is often a “roll of the dice” regarding compatibility of adjunct hardware. This is not so in the Mac platform.
    5. Finally, if you think Apple is merely a trend, take a look at the stock market. Also, examine the increase in Apple’s market share.

    You are out to lunch!

    By the way, the iPhone sold more units in one weekend than the number of Motorola RZRs in one month.

  8. Mosley says:


    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Jim says:

    I hate that Apple’s rewritten computer history to make people think Macs were actually groundbreaking in graphics and multimedia…when that title goes to the Amiga, which was everything Apple tells people Macs are. Macs are 2nd only to the PC in being the worst computer platform, but now we’re stuck with them both.

  10. Andy says:

    Paul-you fail to cite any factual information, making your rant equally without merit. All of your arguments are opinion, just as Emily’s was. The fact of the matter is that Mac’s make up about 8% of the market, leaving 92% for PC’s. We’re not talking a Pepsi vs. Coke battle here or Mcdonalds vs. Burger King. More like Coke vs. Mr. Pibb (Pibb rules, BTW). Furthermore, your statement that Mac’s aren’t overrun by viruses is simply false. The school district in which my wife teaches uses Macs and has had significant problems with viruses. My wife has used Mac’s at school now for 5-6 years. They are not without problems. There are some features that she likes with Macs, and some that she likes with our HP laptop at home.

    I’ve just never understood the grandstanding by Apple people who like to tell everyone that will listen that their product is better. You don’t see that with other products. I don’t go around telling people that my Honda is better that their Chevy or that my Clarke’s shoes are better than their Sketchers. That goes into the point that much of Apple’s recent success is due to the “status symbol” of the Apple brand. That’s marketing, folks. Has nothing to do with it being a better product. You gotta give it to Apple on that one.

    Oh, I hope you sold that Apple stock, because it’s on it’s way down.

  11. Mosley says:


    “I’ve just never understood the grandstanding by Apple people who like to tell everyone that will listen that their product is better. You don’t see that with other products.”

    Yes you do! Do you mean to tell me that you never talk about products you like? You never mention to a friend looking to buy a new car, why you think car x is better than car y. I find that hard to believe. People do this all the time with music, cars, computers, food, restaurants.

    “Oh, I hope you sold that Apple stock, because it’s on its way down.”

    No Shit. Stocks got up and down all the time. It’s just the market correcting its self. Even with it dropping it’s still doing well and will continue to do well. At stock never continually goes up, it’s more like a rollercoaster. You have to be with it for the long haul.

    Oh and about you wife having problems with Mac, I am sure she has problems with you HP at home too. All computers have trouble since they are all creative by humans.

    I just personally like Macs, they work for me. You like P, they work for you. That’s fine. But if you ask my opinion I will happily tell you that Macs are better. Does that make me a bad person? No. And if you don’t like my opinion you have the right to not listen to it.

    Thanks for the Comments guys!

  12. Mike says:


    Try telling THAT to 92% of the world…

  13. Mosley says:


    I do everyday of my life.

  14. Chris says:

    I don’t know… I use an iMac in my commercial art program in college (running OSX Tiger) and there are some things that are nice but a lot of things that just bug me.

    1. The mouse and keyboard. The mouse has to be the most over-designed annoying mouse in existence. It has low DPI optical sensor, it’s uncomfortable, uses this weird scroll nub which is a mixed bag, and has the squeeze feature which you can assign to expose or something (which sometimes glitches on me and interrupts my work). I prefer a mouse that has mechanical buttons, so I tried my super-precise Logitech G7… and… what the hell, it’s laggy on the Mac! I’ve heard this has something to do with mouse acceleration on the Mac, but it’s nothing a typical user could figure out. My only complaint with the keyboard (this is that white one) is that it gets dirty and shows it really bad. It’s also very noisy.

    2. Games games games. The Mac is getting better with games like Sims 2 and Call of Duty 4, but it’s still nothing compared to the myriad of greats for the PC.

    3. Ever tried installing software you’ve downloaded off the internet on the Mac? It’s a mess… far too complicated for the average user, I think. On Windows it’s as simple as running an .exe.

    4. No maximize button – what the hell.

    5. Depending how you have the dock set up, it can really get in the way sometimes. I do like the dock, but I wish it would hide off the screen when not in use. ObjectDock for Windows does docks WAY better than the Mac, however this program is not free so it isn’t really relevant. I will say though that it has a lot more options which are missed on the Mac.

    6. Price – Mac machines are godly expensive for what you get in them as far as hardware goes. I don’t want to stress this point because there are some valid reasons why you pay more for a Macintosh computer (bundled software, for one), but from a hardware performance perspective – I would feel ripped off buying a Mac.

    These are just some of the many things that bug me about Mac computers. They aren’t the second coming of christ, but some things about them are pretty ‘cool’. I recently upgraded my Windows XP box to Windows Vista and I couldn’t be more satisfied with that (don’t get me wrong – Vista has its share of problems too, but it’s definitely a better OS than XP).

  15. Paul says:

    I’m a pc lover. I have two at home. I use one at work. Why do I have two pc’s at home you ask? Well I’ll be honest with you. Windowns, in its ever valiant way of trying to be compatible with EVERYTHING possible, is just made too open to the world. So my music production computer stays off the net, while my laptop is my surfboard. At work, I have a mac. I don’t have to have antivirus, I don’t have to have anti spyware, but who gives a rip. I havn’t had a virus on my pc for two years, and spyware isn’t much of a problem, provided you aren’t a freaking idiot on the internet. The mac is…over rated. It still crashes, apple’s final cut studio 2 still freezes, and its a resource hog, compared to xp (vista is a disaster, so lets forget about that, xp is wonderful). I can get xp to use down to 140 megs of ram when I want to. And all those wonderful apps that come with your computer? I never use iphoto, or idvd, or anything icrap (i have to use itunes, windows media player doesn’t work on a mac). mac hardware is built very nice, but I would buy a mac tower and put xp on it. Immediately. So I’m not saying I dislike apple comptuers. Just osx. This is my analogy. Windows is that overeager, excited, young, brown noser that tries to do everything for you at once, and really can’t handle it all the time so it trips and falls occasionally. But it does exactly what you tell it, to a fault, and you can pretty much tell it to do anything. OSX is like a doting grandparent who guides you along the path of least resistance, which often takes the longest to complete, with a firm hand. You tell it what you want it to do, but it just pats you on the head, gives you some bouncing toys, gives you something ‘cute’ to read and then continues “guiding” you on the way it believes to be best. Infuriating actually. I run the computer. The computer doesn’t run me. If the computer can’t handle everything I tell it to do, thats’ fine, but the computer shouldn’t be telling ME what to do.

    Thats why i love my pc, and tolerate the mac at work. And I find that the intel xeon mac is more sluggish than the amd dual core pc.

  16. Don says:

    I think that it’s more about the people than the product. My first computers were all Macs and I was the biggest advocate out there. Then my career took a turn and I had to learn PC. I found that they worked just as well as a Mac and they still do.

    I got my current job because I know PCs. I work in a million dollar recording studio which also has an equally impressive video studio. We run Avid, ProTools and the usual high end programs for media. We produce content for educational curriculum and haven’t had any problems with the PCs we use.

    When I walked in to for my interview and noticed there were no macs, I told my soon to be boss that I was happy they used PCs. I would have said I was happy if they had Mac’s too, although I would have brought a PC in to run my virtual instrument programs. She told me that I was the first. All the Mac Users came in and bitched about how stupid it was to be using PCs when everyone knows that Macs are best for media. So they (over 10 of them) all got to go home and love their macs and I got a six figure job.

    It’s the attitude the mac people have. The stupid commercials with that geek from Waiting that looks like he just crawled out of his mom’s basement. A computer is a freaking computer. It’s all about what you do with it.

  17. Jason Mosley says:


    I agree with you, but I still love my Mac better then my PC! ;)

    “When I walked in to for my interview and noticed there were no macs, I told my soon to be boss that I was happy they used PCs. I would have said I was happy if they had Mac’s too”

    I would have done the same thing!

    Thanks for the comment!

  18. trendbreakr says:

    @Chris –
    In response to 3, 4, 5, and 6.

    3. I think installing on Mac is much easier and simpler than on PC. You download a .dmg file, safari mounts it and a window pops up. Then, you drag the icon of the app into your applications folder. That’s it.
    On Windows, you have to double-click the .exe and then follow the numerous steps on the Install wizard.

    4. On Mac you don’t need a maximise button. This is something most windows users have a trouble getting used to, and are confused when trying to maximise with the zoom button(+). The zoom button ‘zooms’ the window to the right size to fit the content. Then you have space for other windows and easier multi-tasking. Once you get used to the zoom button, maximising doesn’t do anything but blindly make the window cover up anything else.

    5. There is an option to auto-hide the dock. It’s in the system preferences. System Preferences -> Dock -> “Automatically hide and show the Dock”

    6. If you do your research and match a PC and Mac to have the exact same hardware, they will be very close in price. Actually, PC World did an article busting the myth that Macs were overpriced.

    @Mosley – I have a similar friend. When I say something about my computer, he’ll often reply with “it’s because Macs suck” or something of the sort. Those are usually blind insults that are easily disproved. And, when I say something good about it, he says something like “well I wouldn’t want that anyway”.
    A few days ago I mentioned the built in iSight camera. He responded with “I wouldn’t want a built in camera. It was a bad choice for Apple to put those in, because hackers could hack into the camera and see you”.
    And today, I told him that Safari automatically unzips the .zip files you download and deletes the .zip file, leaving you with a folder to work with. He said “I wouldn’t like that because sometimes I need to use the .zip file itself”. I don’t know why anyone would work with unzipped files over half the time. Maybe there is a reason to, but my friend surely didn’t have a reason. Actually now that I think of it, he used to complain about zipped folders because he said they took too long to unzip.

  19. RyanTheNerd says:

    I am the friend of “trendbreakr” who is the PC fan, but I am not just a PC fan, I am a PC fanboy, as a matter of fact, probably one of the biggest PC fanboys in the world. I absolutely hate Mac, they are completely useless and are horrible to use for programming and only some games run on Mac, all games run on PC, and you can design on a PC better than on a Mac. Safari is an absolutely horrible browser with very little code support making it hard for web developers like me to build websites that work in Safari. I am also a programmer who uses a lot of compilers and programming languages that you can’t use on a Mac, including but not limited to, Visual Basic and Visual C++. So in general PC is way way way way way better than Mac and Apple will never be able to be as good as Microsoft because Microsoft rules!!! PC forever!!!

  20. Macs just work for work. But people who like to use Wintels suffer from W Syndrome, where, like W himself, would rather settle for lies and shoddy products than something that’s quality.

    But a person, unless its their job, shouldn’t give a second thought to what kind of computer they use, as long as it has no viruses and works with the Internet and files they use, anymore than the car they own runs well, is maintained, and gets good milage for the terrain they drive over. People who waste time fighting over Winblow$ is better than Mac are already losers.

    Within my podcast, we call ‘em Micro$oft Apologists. Always apologizing for using an inferior OS and computer system that’s 20+ years behind everything else.

  21. Rik says:

    I dont hate Macs. I hate people who tell me you can do way more with InDesign on a Mac than you can on a PC.
    You cant, but who cares?
    The operating system is the least god-damned interesting thing on any computer. I just want to use Photoshpop and 3D Studio Max, not an OS.
    And I’m not a maggpie so not interested in something just because its shiny and smooth.

  22. skyline says:

    I find myself becoming a Mac Hater. It has truly saddened me, what has become of the beloved MAC.

    I used to get excited when I had to work on Macs but,

    Now a days when I think of looking under the hood of a brand new Mac, I know that all I am going to see is just another PC. I know everyone says “Hey windows can run on Mac now” but seriously IMHO what made Mac truly better was not only a great OS but it really was a better computer in every detail. Mac using Risc based Processors that measured IPS provided a true baseline of performance.

    I have been slowly forming this opinion now, that my $1700 Mac is just a $500 PC with a $1200 OS on it. I just can’t justify any version of the BSD/NeXTSTEP OS at that price. Not when Windows is $180 and let’s not even mention how F!@#ing awesome Ubuntu is out of the box. I actually think Vista is the best Win OS yet. It runs great if you know how to make it but they did screw up some things that weren’t broken.

    Am I the only person who misses MAC truly being MAC? I would definately go Ubuntu Dtop before I ever spent another dime on MAC.

  23. linux_admin says:

    honestly, most competent computer user would laugh if you ask them to use a mac. why do you think that corporations use windows, linux, and unix systems? they use them because they are grown-ups and they need computers for adults that can do serious things like business data processing and making spread sheets and running CAD and web servers and file servers and domain controllers. have you ever seen a software engineer (outside of apple) use a mac? do you think that the DNS servers that make up the backbone of the Internet are macs? you people need to face the fact that Macs are not legitimate pieces of equipment, they are toys meant for simple minded children. why do you think that a disproportionate number of elementary schools use them in the class room? time to shave the dread locks off and get a 9 to 5 lazy hippies.

  24. I HATE Mac Hater Haters says:

    Oh, shut the fuck up, loser.
    You want me to give you a valid reason why I hate Mac, asshole?

    1) If you press the close button on a window on a Mac, the process stays open when the window closes, so you have to either force terminate it, or press the stupid Mac+Q combination when you want to close it.

    2) Shortcuts, applications that are open are ambiguously rendered on the Mac doc. You can’t tell if a given application is an open application, or just a link, loser.

    4) Applications that aren’t open are NOT displayed on the Mac dock. You either have to use Expose, or minimize each application that is open to get to the window you want, goddammit!

    5) Macs don’t have aero, or aero snap, or aero peak, or any other of those nice features Windows 7 has. Heck, the Mac calculator can’t even compete with Windows 7′s.

    7) Flip 3D is WAY FUCKING BETTER than Expose, because:
    a) Flip 3D windows are always rendered the same size, while Expose windows are made increasingly smaller the more you have open, thus making them less visible.
    b) Flip 3D can be initiated by pressing Win+Tab and then you can cycle through all open windows by keeping the Win key held down and holding down/tapping tab. But fucking Expose can’t cycle. You press F9 and then you have to CLICK on the crap window you want. Flip 3D’s method is faster once you get the hang of it, unless you have a FUCKING OBSCENE amount of windows open.
    c) Expose fucking doesn’t even show applications that are minimized, Flip 3D does.

    So that’s all that I can think of right now. Lots of you idiots out there must now be realizing that “Holy crap! Mac sucks!”, and guess what? Your right. And to you Mac-holes out there! STOP FUCKING JUDGING US BY AN OPERATING SYSTEM WE CREATED EIGHT YEARS AGO!! WE ARE GONNA FUCKING KICK YOUR ASSES WITH WINDOWS 7 AND YOU KNOW IT!!!

  25. lol says:

    i hate macs because they are amazingly overpriced when any buisness school will teach you mass simplified production should = lower price.

  26. Sam says:

    I have been in a MAC family since I was in the womb. My father refused to bring anything that wasn’t a MAC into the house since the late 80′s early 90′s, and that’s how I was raised. I certainly do not hate people just because they do not have the same taste in computers as I do. (I simply just note in my head that I can laugh when they start getting viruses and their computer crashes and move on. haha.) I hate people, however, who hate me simply because I have a MAC. It’s like saying “Well, I hate you because you live in an apartment, not an artists flat. Artists flats are cheaper and better because you build rooms from scratch and thus you are not allowed to talk to me.”
    Though I would never own a PC (I almost did once a few years ago but my father declared that it would not be allowed in the house…) I do see why people would want to own them, and I don’t hate people for doing so. Do I think they’re ugly, slow and unnecessarily difficult to operate? Yes. Am I a very graphics oriented person and thus design is important to me? Yes, yes and yes.
    Different types of computers are for different people, and it bugs me also that some people hate strictly based on that.

  27. Me says:

    Y’know, there is one post in the above discussion: Mac’s are for dumbasses. I don’t see programmers using Mac, programmers use Linux or Windows. Mac’s are just for people like you: teenage BFU’s that can only spam forums and want to decapitate everyone who doesn’t believe in the almighty Apple. Oh yeah, and Mac’s are for graphic designers (wink, wink)! Face the fact: for less than half a price of MacBook Air you get TWICE as powerful Dell, Acer, ASUS… Real IT pro makes his choice very quickly. But hey, MacBook Air fits in an freaking ENVELOPE, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

  28. stardust says:

    I HATE MACK!!!
    macks are the lamest excuses for a decent computer I’ve ever had the misfortune of haveing to use.
    it lagged so icessently i wanted to kill it. I coclnt copy/paste or drag and drop. the mouse.ooo what ever it was made to fit was not the human hand. it out an out sucks!!!!!!!
    it is THE WORST COMPUTER I HAVE EVER USED! no i wont even call it a computer. it is a crap box!!!!!!!! over rated expensive and worse USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Y-Mite says:

    Notice how incoherent mac-haters are, and how they so readily descend into childish taunts and obscenities? Truth is, Apple couldn’t find a more compelling endorsement for their products than the bile-filled rants of mac-haters. To be a hater is to live the lowliest of existences.

    The mentality of the typical mac-hater:
    “OMG! There are people who like using computers that aren’t the same as the one I use!!! I feel as though I hate them and their beloved products. I must go seek out these people on the internet, call them filthy names, and berate them with four-letter words!!!”


  30. Tom says:

    Strange thing happened today I started out looking for a mac and sadly i find out the mac community is comprised of people in denial. I really wanted a mac till about an hour or so ago. I was doing some research price specs etc. What i found is macs are really only good for people who need a really simple computer. I thought id find the best of the best but macs seem to be over priced toys. While looking i find macs were 500-1000 dollars more than any P.C. with similar specs.
    I thought quality but no…Lenovo makes nice computers that blow mac away even dell….sad. I really thought macs would be awesome. I then checked programs very few are available and then i read about all the crashes and endless loading. Learning about how macs don’t even support many usb devices such as headsets etc. Most Games don’t work with macs and when they do the frame rates are lower and often freeze and crash no outlook express I read they make a program for macs but you have to pay for it..what a rip off.I cant even upgrade a mac the specs are already lacking on most. I found out i could use all my old programs…but i had to buy and load windows…really…with something called bootcamp…what a laugh..I then read and see how batteries are swelling and some exploding catching on fire…even in ipods…I then thought this has to be a lie it was true apple is being sued for it. While all of this put me off i still thought no viruses no hacking I even found a web site talking about the recent hacking competition where a mac was hacked in under ten seconds…wow. I wanted to give mac a try I did find that mac was simple easy to use and worked great with movies and music..not really what i was looking for…I was looking for a computer “that just works”. I then found this web site here and people arguing like third graders sad. All the people talking about how Windows computers are worthless. I have used windows for years and had few problems as well as used every program i have found with no problems. I have never had a virus either plenty of free anti virus that work great.I found out i can’t even drag and drop on a mac very strange. I knew that mac users really liked there computers but it seems that most mac users are just trendy mindless consumers that would rather show off how much they spent and then lie and hide there problems with there machines. That seems stupid and childish.also seems mac users love apple so much as a company that they forget that large companies don’t care about you they care that they can get your money. I don’t love windows based computers either. I wish apple was a good alternative its just not. I refuse to be owned by a company. I know this may draw mac users “flames” but nothing i said is untrue it comes from a lot of research feel free to look any of it up I did lots reading. I really wanted to like mac but i can’t overlook all the “real” with mac as well as the pomp that comes with one id….just rather not.

  31. Nick says:

    I will high five you emily,
    i actually own a macbook 13.3 in and i think that it sucks. The screen bezel fell off the first day i had it, and i didnt even touch it. The software keeps on crashing when i boot up firefox. Safari crashes every second. and i needed to get the whole laptop again because of “faulty” parts. The Mac operating system isnt compatible with most of the software i want to run. The disk drive doesnt work because of common use. apparently there is a bar on top of the disk drive that bends if you put your palm on it. this laptop has survived for 2 years and its falling apart. while typing this my power supply failed.
    PC laptops are way better constructed and the windows software is more than compatable with what i do. which in this case is programming and design. with the release of windows 7, everything loads faster, is more compatable with my programs, and video editing is way faster than mac. my new laptop has a GTX 210 in it which is way better than a 9400 in the current macbook. if you think that i have no experienced a mac, i have. Windows all the way. Linux even farther. LINIX + WINDOWS FTW

  32. Nick says:

    btw my new laptop is also a 13.3 in laptop

  33. Slade says:

    Well I dont understand the build my computer and have problems argument?!
    You guys are either a bunch of idiots or never understood the way either a mac or a pc works.
    Why would I buy the cheapest parts out there if I want to build my own machine? Anyone with sense buys quality parts with lots of Performance! Ever built your own mac by yourself skimming thru the stores getting some stuff here and there ? No ?
    Well why not all Apple does is, they restrict you to a limited amount of hardware you can choose from. Yeah the entire OS X relies on it. On the PC you need drivers on the mac you need kext, ever tried to upgrade your GFX card on you MacPro. If you did you paid a shitload of bucks for the same crap the pc uses. Everything you use now is PC crap, instead of a bios you have the efi, instead of hitachi drive you have a samsung or some other crap.
    You guys are being restricted in everything you do. You lost your brain, you never use it anymore because OSX does everything the way Apple wants.

    OSX is the worst OS I have ever seen … Big Brother is watching you…
    Get Free again, get rid of iTunes, iChat, iEverything and maybe then but only maybe this OSX and Apple might return to their roots, a fully working system which can again be worked on without restrictions and all this iCrap.

    Think for yourself, but the Problem is most you wont understand a word…

    My 2Cents

  34. james says:

    Ok let me make this really clear for all you stupid Mac-lovers.

    1) Apple have a business strategy that relies on making people who own a Mac think they are superior.

    2) Apple have a business strategy that dictates which software and which hardware are available for the underlying product (the OS)

    3) Apple stole UNIX underpinnings (i.e. its allot like linux under the hood) but then will not follow or support standard *nix practices

    4) Apple have a business strategy that aggressively pushes out alternatives. For example the way Apple has behaved with its quicktime and attempts to dictate to the entire broadcast industry about media formats (note: I am a broadcast professional. I tell you right now its a lame bullshit lie perpetuated by Mac loving fuckballs that only macs are used for graphics. maybe 15 years ago when there was no decent windows software but EVERY serious content /production house now uses either PC based edge server farms or high power standalone PCs for there graphics work)

    5) Apple jumped on a bandwagon – the ‘i’something wagon. This is a stupid con to make pre-pubescant american teenagers think they are somehow rebelling against the PC-Status-Quo of their parents generation.

    6) Apple are monopolists. Plain and simple. This is unlawful, not that anyone seems to care. Microsoft, for all its evils, at least keeps its nose largely out of the hardware ‘scene’.

    7) Apple are doing more damage to copyleft with its sick DRM policies. If apple could it would have DRM on your sperm & eggs just in case.

    Having said that MAC’s are perfect for the following individuals:

    a) People over 80 who have never used a computer before

    b) Retards with an IQ of less than 80

    C) People who FLUNKED school then buy a Mac and give me bullshit replies like “well I am arty, i need a mac” when they work in a freaking coffee shop for $5 an hour and by having a mac they think it justifies thier (self appointed) label of an “artiest”

    D) Young children born with only one finger and one thumb on each hand, the mouse is after all seemingly designed with them in mind.

    E) American teenagers (who 9 times out of 10 managed to meet at least two of the above criteria)

  35. Matt says:

    The reason why i hate macs is mainly one of compatibility. PC’s exist for one main reason: they can be made to be compatible with almost everything and they can be modified for better performance or pretty much anything you want. This has left PC’s open for viruses but that’s the price you pay for usefullness. Plus the whole virus argument is bullshit anyway, if you have a completely up to date anti-virus program on your PC, you have no problems. Apple products have always been stupidly restricitive operating systems and programs that come in a fancy box. Arguing that PC’s are ugly and macs look better tells me you’re more interested in looking at your computer than actually using it. That is the reason why i hate people who use macs, it seems more of an ego thing to buy a nice looking item over than one that works well. The MacBook Air is the perfect example of this. Sure it’s tiny and can fit in an envelope, but it does fuck all. It’s only good for showing off and maybe writing something in a word processor. Get over your superiority complex and egos, i need a computer to do a wide range of useful tasks, and i can only get that with a PC. Macs may be good for graphic design stuff, and i have no problem with people who use them for that purpose, but don’t try and argue about which is better because your precious space-age looking box will lose.

  36. jjtom says:

    There are programs you cannot use with a Mac.

    They are the kind of software used to design the Mac. Solidworks and Pro-Engineer. Also many others used for Molding Analysis, Finite Element Analysis and other Engineering tools used to design and manufacture the Apple products.

    Besides the fact the Apple does not allow high end engineering tools to be developed for their systems (tells me they cannot handle it – or is a propriety issue), the biggest issue I have with Mac is a lot of what Don had mentioned. They are mostly hype. They come in blue or aluminum, how does that make a computer better? They advertise that if you buy one you will be as cool as the person in the add, they do not do so much advertising about performance other than the Windows Vista stuff. But that is marketing against Windows, of which there are reasons to dislike Windows. Remember Bill Gates was a former Apple guy they got ride of for his crazy ideas – like the mouse and windowing applications. But there are other operating systems for the PC – because PC is open and Apple is proprietary.

  37. robert says:

    is anyone of you guys seriously working with mac… i am coming over from pc due to developing applications for iphone.. and i am just stuck of everything on mac. first… xcode is just an aweful program. you cant even build up your workflow because there are always unexpected troubles with this ***. wish you could do this with eclipse or even better MICROSOFT visual studio. everyone who is able to compare Visual studio with XCode knows that xcode never works properly…

    ps: my mac is crashing too! program crash, mac is hanging…. unexpected behaviour and itunes is the worst virus i have ever seen. i hope anyone of you is calling the shuffle-function of itunes a shuffle function ;) random() % 3 ?!??! it just sucks and after 3h of mp3 your detecting a certain pattern and you just know which music will be played next….

    im just stuck!

  38. Bruneauinfo says:

    PCs suck.

  39. Mac says:

    I don’t hate macs I hate the smug latte sipping wankers that buy them

  40. Biggerthanyours says:

    I think the real issue here isn’t whether or not Macs are better than PC’s or visa versa. I think the real issue is jealousy. Most of you twits foaming at the mouth preaching about how horrid Macs are, are just frustrated because you can’t afford one. Too bad, so sad.

    Stardust: learn to spell. Learn to punctuate.

    I HATE Mac hater haters: I’d love to ram my fist down your fat throat, you pathetic half-wit. Do you really feel that you’re above the losers? Just because you dislike how something works, doesn’t give you the right to bash someone who does like it. It’s apparent from your comment that you were an abused child. It’s not your fault!

    BTW, I know none of the previous posters will ever see this, but I don’t care. I had to say something anyway. And to those haters who might flame me in the future: flame away, I won’t be coming back. Have a great day.

  41. Mrrobmar says:

    I recently purchased my first MacBook Pro. Thus far I’ve no bigger problem than adjusting to using the new system as my mind is running mostly Windows 7. I have had the same desktop PC since 2005, constantly upgrading what I can afford to. I love both of my computers. One I’ve had a lasting relationship with, the other is a new adventure I decided to take after the accidental death of my laptop. I don’t get the Mac haters nor the PC bashers. Pick whatever works for you and run with it. I happen to like both!

  42. Drivindisco says:

    I hate you and your mac…. And this is why! Mac users can’t stop telling you how great their frigging mac is. All apple success comes from marketing. Are we such mindless consumers that we have to sell everyone our favorite gadgets? Who Cares??? Its a computer, whether it is a mac or a windows based computer (x86 machines are not PCs. Did you forget the first Apple was called a PC? Macs are PCs they just cost a ridiculous amount!) The other thing I hate is Graphic Designers and A/V pros who think you have to own a mac to make anything creative! This is total BS… did you even notice that adobe makes programs for Windows? Above all, have you even tried to use open source programs? In most situations, they are just as good and free! Not to mention have you ever used the crap software that comes on a mac? Garageband, itunes, iphoto, and iBLAH BLAH BLAH are the worst pieces of crap I have ever used! What is so great about it?

    Finally, I am tired of Apple and its incremental updates, which push their older models into obsolescence. You don’t have to buy everything they make and NO everything they make isn’t the best. This includes hardware, software, and their half baked OS! Remember, your mac doesn’t make you any cooler… you still suck! Take your mac, get a latte, and shove them both up your ______!!!!!!

  43. Patrickgreek says:

    actualy the amount of software that comes with a mac is less, for video editing and word processing you need final cut ($) and (microsoft word($) all pc’s come with windows live movie maker and word pad, some even come with microsoft word for free

  44. Paul Warnars says:

    At work I use a MAC (a brand new MacBook Pro I got from my boss) and a windows laptop (3 years old and bought it myself for 400USD). The MAC works well though. However, I think I got some good reasons for you why MAC isn’t so great after all… (my personal experiences)
    Reason 1: We recently got a new printer at our office. When I plug this into my windows it automatically installs the software, when I plug into in my MAC nothing happens. I still haven’t figured out how I can make this printer work on my MAC, probably I have to get the CD out of the printerbox and intall the software manually. 

    Reason 2: When I make complex Excel sheet with cross references to other documents (don’t tell me Apple has a better alternative for Excel) I don’t have any problems in opening and change them on my Windows laptop. When I open these sheets on my MAC it simply cannot deal with the formulas, which results in ‘conflicted workmaps’ and wrong outcomes.

    Reason 3: Ever tried to set up a network with a MAC? I did, without any succes though. I did manage to set up a VPN connection but don’t ask me how long this took me. 

    Reason 4: The inability to rename, delete or move files/folders from open or save dialog boxes. Most MAC users probably don’t bother because they don’t know about this feature, but when you’re used to it you really miss it.

    Reason 5: Apple’s delete key only goes backwards and if you want it to be a forward delete you need to hit the function key, at least on my MacBook Pro.

    Reason 6: In Windows, you can open up a multitude of Internet Explorer windows and each show up in the tool bar making it very easy to switch from one to another.  However, in Safari, each Window is treated (properly I might add) as an application window, forcing a different window control.

    Reasone 7: Window Size Control –  In Mac OS, you are limited as to where you can grab windows and if you want to resize them, you have to grab the triangle in the lower-right corner.  In Windows (7), you can grab and/or resize from practically anywhere. Move the window to the right/left and it automatically resize itself to 50% of the screen (so that you can easily work without switching windows). 

    Reason 8: iTunes! Yesterday I wanted to connect my iPhone (yes, I love my iPhone) to my MAC. Guess what? It says that my iTunes is outdated and I must update my iTune first before I can do anything. When I click on the ‘update iTunes’ button it tells me that the server is not connecting. Solution: delete my old version of iTunes and download the latest one from the iTunes website… not very convenient, is it? For the rest iTunes just suck. It’s slow and always want to sync everything with my iPhone (16GB iPhone and 500GB of music/movies and photo’s…. you notice the problem here?). It also seems impossible to put pics from my phone on my computer without synchonizing this with a selected folder. 

    Reason 9: When an installation fails (yes, it happened to me a few times on my brand new MacBookPro) it doesn’t tell me. I don’t say that installations go well all the time on my Windows computer, but Windows has the guts to tell me when an installation fails. My MAC is to arrogant to tell me. 

    Reason 10: MAC users! MAC users always brag about their cool MAC and they keep telling the whole world to how cool they are. The computer itself looks nice though (I do agree with that) but why would you derive your identity from the computer you’re using… is a little pathetic, isn’t it?

    Personally I don’t hate MAC computers. For simple things it works just fine, but for me it still cannot compete with the abundance of functionalities in Windows. 

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