Do you smell bacon? If you do that’s my new sponsor They sell everything from Bacon Band-Aids to Einstein Action Figures. Also, their selections of bacon novelty items are amazing and I will be reviewing a few of them in the future.

If you live in Washington they have a brick and mortar store in downtown Bellingham. You can go to the website and see a live feed of what’s happening in the store. They even have a few interesting videos they made. These guys look like they have a lot of fun and so I think its going to be bacontastic having them as a sponsor.

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One Response to Bacon Novelties at

  1. Django says:

    Thanks for the love, Mister Bacon Pants!

    Consider this commment to be us pointing our bacony love right back at your face!

    Anyone who reads this and decides to order from us should be sure to mention that Django promised you a free bacon-centric sticker with your order.

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