iPod TouchWhen I first heard about the Apple iPod Touch I was extremely excited. I can now get an iphone with out the dumb Phone part. But then the news started flying around about the bugs that plagued the Touch. The first news story was about how some Touches had no OS installed on them. Then there was news that it thinks it’s still an iPhone. The latest word on the street about these things is that some have low resolution screens, so the video looks dark and unimpressive.

With all this bad hype, I wonder what Apple was thinking when they were releasing this thing. You think they would have waited until they worked out all the bugs. But I guess Job’s was in a hurry to stick it to AT&T. He no longer wants his awesome toy to be their new exclusive phone.

If you have been in the dark about this, here is a nice long list of stories about the iPod Touch. Enjoy!

CrunchGear.comSome iPod Touches Have Screen With Cruddy Video Quality?September 18th, 2007

SlashGear.comUnboxing – Apple iPod TouchSeptember 16th, 2007

CrunchGear.comiPod Touch Mistakes Itself For An iPhoneSeptember 16th, 2007

Washington PostFirst Look: 16GB iPod TouchSeptember 16th, 2007

Engadget.comAn iPod touch ships without OS XSeptember 14th, 2007

iFixit.comFirst iPod Touch DissectionSeptember 14th, 2007

CrunchGear.comHands On With The iPod Touch, Nano, ClassicSeptember 9th, 2007

CrunchGear.comiPod Touch Is Not The Best Thing Since Sliced BreadSeptember 5th, 2007

BoingBoing.comConfirmation: No Bluetooth in iPod TouchSeptember 6th, 2007

CrunchGear.comiPod Touch TourSeptember 5th, 2007

Even with all the news about bugs I still want one, but I am going to wait until after Christmas. Maybe by then all the bugs will be worked out.

Also, when are they going to come out with an iPod that cooks bacon?

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3 Responses to A List of News About the iPod Touch

  1. emily says:

    You should read the article I have on Job’s and how people think his eagerness, which is usually a good thing, may be negatively affecting the Apple line and might be the downfall of Apple if this product line fails. He has all his lines wrapped up in other ones for various reasons, which leads the whole company open to vulnerability. I’ll show it you later.

  2. Beth says:

    I am still planning to get the ipod touch, despite some of the things these articles say.

    – I would love the Touch to have FM radio support, but it’s really not a deal breaker for me. I will stick with my $20 teeny portable radio.
    – 16 GB is a bit small, but that doesn’t bother me. I never had the urge to sit down and put every cd I own on my current mp3 player anyway. I will keep only the newest music I download on the Touch. There’s really no reason for me to have every album I listened to since 1993 on my ipod.
    – I’m sure there will be bugs with the Touches, but like you said, they should be worked out by the time I buy one, months from now.
    – There’s always a lot of criticism surrounding new products. One person’s negative opinion or experience really means nothing to me.

    Mostly I’m just excited I’ll be able to be online anywhere I am without paying a huge bill. This will be the first Apple product I own, and I’m buying it because it’s the first thing like it on the market. I’m amazed with Apple’s ability to continuously produce new products that really have little or no competition.

  3. emily says:

    I used to own an HP mini-computer, which looks like a Blackberry, but it does all of these things…it just wasn’t packaged the same as this one or carried the Apple label with it and I had that four years ago. If I hadn’t needed the money from selling it, I would still be using it today..connecting to the internet remotely, scheduling stuff, etc. I don’t know why everyone makes a big deal about this. The technology has been around for ages and like it’s really so hard to carry an ipod and your cell phone, which combined are capable of doing the same thing. Or you could have a cell/mp3 player/internet phone like me. I really don’t see the fuss or need to buy yet another electronic gadget.

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