I will be updating this post with information about the sessions I attend today. If you don’t know what PodCamp Pittsburgh is then you need to go to www.podcamppittsburgh.com!

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10:00AMPodsafe Music Primer – A very animated guy (DJ G) is talking about podsafe music and how it makes your show more interesting. It can also give your show a more professional sound.
LINKS – IODA Alliance – They have the best selection of music. It updates all the time.

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10:45AMJust.Press.Record – This is another session on podcasting. Recording, Posting, and Hosting. DJ G was more entertaining to watch but this guy (Michael Domingo) is really informative. I am learning a lot about hardware to use. I am going to stop typing and start paying attention, lots of good information here.

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11:30AMVideo Podcasting – This is just how you use your camera to get footage. Shawn Smith (geekriot.tv) is also talking about hardware, he says digital is the way to go. Sadly this session is not really about editing, he is doing another session on that.

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12:15 – LUNCH!

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1:45PMHow to Create a Web Series – I think this will be a fun session, Justin Kownacki of Something To Be Desired is speaking on creating sustainable content. He is speaking at a low level so I will have to pay attention and not type.

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2:30PM – No session interested me so I am hanging out in the lounge.

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3:15PMVideo Podcasting Editing – Shawn Smith is talking about editing the content we shot in the last session with him. This was what I was hoping the last one was going to be about, so I know I will enjoy this.

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