Recently, I am starting to notice that I read a lot of blogs and a few of them everyday, so I decided to think about why. Maybe if I figure out why I keep coming back to them, I can get people to keep coming back to mine too. To keep this post short I am only going to pick out five of the blogs I visit on a daily basis.

Bacon Unwrapped – I read this blog because it’s on a topic I like. They are not very consistent with updates, but when they do I usually enjoy it. So I make sure to hit this one once every morning.

Tech Crunch – I love this website! It updates a few times a day so I check in the morning and right before I leave work. It talks about all the new startups that are popping up and also keeps you updated on the old ones, too. If you want to be the first to know about all the hot new websites, you need to add this blog to your must read list.

Bacon Show – What can I say? I love bacon and this website features a bacon recipe everyday, forever. I rarely try to make any of the recipes I find on this site. I just find it entertaining to see how people use bacon in different types of food.

Pro Blogger – Recently I haven’t been a big fan of the content, it just looks like the same information being posted over and over again. I may not read the site everyday but I do check it, just to see if anything exciting is there. Sometime this guy writes the most informative posts about advertising and affiliate linking, and I would hate to miss one of those. He also posts answers to common noob blogger questions. So if you’re new to blogging then you need to read this.

John Chow – This is the blog that inspired me to try and make money online. I read it everyday, but just like Pro Blogger I am finding the content starting to get stale. It’s just the same topics over and over again. But when he does write a great post you would not want to miss it, so I still hit the site up at least once a day.

It seems that the sites that I keep coming back to are the ones with great or once great content. Also, if they update more then once a day that lures me back. There is a bunch of other blogs I read at least twice a week and it’s also for the same reason.

If you notice I didn’t mention anything about design. That’s because design is only the second thing I look at, content is always first. Even if a blog’s design is bad (like Bacon Show’s) I will still go back to it if the content wins me over. In conclusion, it looks like content is the key ingredient to getting and retaining readers.

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2 Responses to Five Blogs That You Need To Read, Everyday

  1. You need to read my blog every day (use your feed reader, Mr. Empty, er Bacon Pants). It never gets stale.

  2. Mosley says:

    May I will Maybe I wont!

    Mr. Mr. Cunning eat alot of ham.

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