Dunkin’ Donuts has just given me a reason to go to their shop, it’s called the Bacon Lover’s Supreme Omelet. It a breakfast/anytime sandwich that has bacon as its featured ingredient. Here is everything that is inside this thing: real eggs, chopped vegetables, three slices of bacon and Colby Jack cheese on a croissant.

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dunkin donuts

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I guess I better act fast, they say it’s a limited-time special, and it will be over with Sept. 30. But I bet if enough bacon lovers enjoy this sandwich it will be sticking around.

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  1. [...] sandwich should be square too. I am not sure if this was a good idea. Just like with the new Dunkin’ Donuts sandwich I am not happy with the breading. What the heck is a Frescuit? I long for the days when English [...]

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