My friend Rachel from Sum of David sent me an email about the most amazing thing, the 100% made from bacon Bacon burger.

Bacon Burger

You have to check out this link. They show you step by step how they make this thing. It’s funny how when it’s done cooking you have to use a paper towel to soak up some of the grease. This puts the Wendy’s Baconator to shame.

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6 Responses to 100% Bacon-Made Bacon Burger

  1. I too am part of the cult of bacon. It’s nice to meet other baconites. -Michelle

  2. Jon Eick says:

    Mosley, love the blog, just stumbled across this when looking for blog posts about burgers and bacon…this burger looks pretty damn delicious, I’d be curious to try it.

    I don’t see a post on your blog about it, but I assume you are aware of Bacon Salt? If not, I wrote about it last week:

    Nice to see the blog of another bacon lover

  3. Mosley says:

    Thanks! I am glad you like it.

    Yes I am aware of bacon salt, but I am waiting to try it before I write about it!

  4. Jon Eick says:

    Just tried Bacon Salt last week, review coming soon. I’m surprised no one sells an all bacon burger! Am I going to have to attempt to make my own now in order to try it?

  5. […] Over at Mr. Bacon Pants, Mosley blogs about a 100% bacon burger. […]

  6. John says:

    Damn, this looks GOOD! I’ve already turned down two booty calls this evening, waiting for a BACON call! I believe the phone is ringing….

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