Every month, starting with this one, I am going to post my income I make from blogging. The last time I did this was April. As you can see my numbers are really improving. They almost doubled in two months. That is the main reason I want to start doing this every month, to see what kind of trend I have going on here.

Like a said yesterday I have another big idea in the works and I hope it too makes me some money. I am going to add some Adsense to talkObjectivism.com and see what it can do with that. Right now its only money maker is the podcast. I am also redesigning my hosting company’s website (Pagewaiter.com) and I am going to start marketing it again. Next month will probably be to soon to see what the new projects add to my income but August will be the moment of truth.

Talkshoe = $15.07 (talkObjectivism.com)
Buy Me a Drink = $13.50
Adsense = $8.24
Other = $2.25 (Top Secret)
Total = 39.06

Thanks to Beth for the coffee and Dug for the case of PBR!

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6 Responses to Making Money in June

  1. Emily says:

    I’ll try to market your website better this time if you want, I promise. haha I’m still extremely busy, but I’ll find time since I need the experience.

  2. Emily says:

    And did you make that much on people buying you drinks or does that website pay you to advertise? Cause if not, that’s a ridiculous amount of people giving you money and I want one on my own website when I get one. haha

  3. Dug says:

    I bet some of that was beer money,wasn’t it.
    O,by the way.It’s your turn to buy.

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  6. Tara Dipalma says:

    You have so much helpful information here, thank you so much for sharing, when are you doing your next update? as this last post was in July? I will be watching and learning from your progress….

    Thanks so much :-)

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