This is my first restaurant review so please bear with me. It’s going to take a few before I get a system down. All I know is what I feel is important for a good restaurant experience: atmosphere, cleanness, staff, food, and price.

The first place I am going to review is the Iguana Grill, it’s located in the Southside across the street from Jack’s. The atmosphere was nice; the walls were a gray color with simple wall mounted lighting. The bar is small but there are plenty of tables, so finding a seat is not a problem. I would like to say that this is one of the cleaner bar/restaurants on this end of the Southside. The wait staff was also impressive; as soon as you sit down they’re asking you what you would like to drink. They have plenty of beers on tap and in bottles, so finding your favorite drink will not be difficult.

Looking at their menu you will notice that they are one of those Mexican and American hybrids. If you’re looking for real Mexican food this is not the place for you. I got the Chicken Burrito, and it was amazing. The portion was huge and it also came with corn and refried beans. I couldn’t finish it all so I had to take a doggie bag home with me.

The price was just right. You could easily feed two people under $20 (not including beer) and have some leftovers for lunch the next day. I can’t wait to eat there again. I am not even a fan of Mexican food and this place wowed me.

Score: Atmosphere (3.5), Cleanness (4.0), Staff (4.0), Food (4.0),
Price (4.5),
Overall (4.0)

Closing Comments: Before you go, make sure you check out their website for their specials. They have one every day of the week. Also, on Fridays and Saturdays you have to be 21 and over, even if you’re just eating.

You can find more reviews about this place at
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Note: This post was a review I wrote for the Pittsburgh City Blog @ 451press.com.

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9 Responses to Iguana Grill – Southside

  1. Beth says:

    Yay Iguana!!

    I recommend the Pomegranate martini or the original margarita. Thursdays are my favorite night to go because the beer special is $2.00 mexican beer! Corona and Negro Modelo for $2! Can’t beat it. Everyone should give this place a try! :)

  2. Pat says:

    I wouldn’t drink Corona if they were paying me the $2 for it.

    I’ve heard good things about that place, but I’ve never been there myself.

  3. Mosley says:

    You should give the place a try. It really is not that bad… and they don’t force you to drink Mexican Beer. I think it’s crapy too.

    My only complaint is that the bar tenders can get a little bitchy at times.

  4. Beth says:

    I never used to like Corona either, Pat, but now I do, go figure! They do have a lot of other beers and specials, though, throughout the week.

  5. emily says:

    It wasn’t bad that time we were there with Jackie (was that New Years?), but I haven’t been back since. Probably because I hate Mexican food, but I do like martinis.

  6. barry says:

    I had a HORRID experience with the Iguana Grille and I am not even from Pittsburgh. It started over the phone. I called to see if they did anything special for birthdays. Apparently the owner answered the phone and was very short with me. Even if they didn’t do something special, I would have thought the owner would have said give me your name, come on in and we will figure something out for your friends birthday.

    As a business owner, I could not let this go so i went to the Iguana Grille and confronted the Owner in person. She didn’t apologize and ask how we could remedy the situation. She instead repeated the same rude words in the short disgusted tone as she did on the phone. I was so pissed I could have… but I am a gentleman and do not like starting trouble.

    I figured it would be best to let the world know via the internet that the OWNER of the IGUANA GRILLE is a rude person. I would NOT support her restaurant. I will let everyone know how rude she was to a customer from out of town that she did not even know. They say if you give great customer service people will tell 2 friends and if you give horrible customer service people will tell 2 friends and so on and so on.


  7. Mosley says:


    I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at the Iguana Grill. I don’t think the owner would treat or talk to you that way. So I am going to assume you talked to an employee that was having a bad day and took it out on you. She probably also wanted to make the grill look bad. I am sure once the real owner hears about this she will be fired.

    Also I too have had a women that works their (and she is not the owner) be rude to me on occasion. Since I am a local and go there a lot, I know that for the most part the staff is friendly and helpful. So I never let that one bad egg hurt my view of the place. You being an out-of-towner you would have no way of knowing that this is not the norm.

    So here is what I am going to do. Next time that person is rude to me I will make sure management knows. That way when someone like you comes to a place I like, you will have no reason to bash it.

    I hope you had a great time is Pittsburgh otherwise, and I hope when you come back you give the Grill a second chance. Trust me when I say the food is great. Don’t let this one bad egg ruin an otherwise great local experience.


  8. Sherri Adams says:

    We were just in Pittsburgh last week, and had Googled for some restaurant reviews. On the strength of your review we decided to try the Iguana Grill, but it seems to have closed … oh well, our loss.

  9. Jason Mosley says:


    It did close a few months ago, but it seems to be open again for morning and lunch. I am not sure what happen but I am glad to know they maybe opening again.

    While you were in the area I hope you stopped by “Fat Heads”. Great food and great beer!

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