So I was watching TV, minding my own business when I saw a commercial for the Big BBQ Bacon Tendercrisp from Burger King. This sandwich looks amazing and it has the two meats I love the most, Chicken and Bacon. I am glad to see that the fast food market is starting to see that this is a high bacon demand. It seems that there are all coming out with new bacon themed sandwiches.


I hope I am not disappointed with this one like I was with the Baconator. Wendy’s always makes there bacon to chewy. Everyone knows that crispy bacon is better! Plus that think the two meat patties are over kill and takes away from the bacon. Burger King is doing the right thing by not making this thing a monster, like Wendy’s did. This actually looks enjoyable to eat.

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11 Responses to BBQ Bacon Tendercrisp

  1. Dug says:

    How about I buy you a life insurance policy for that big heart attack your working on.
    Now for my BLT

  2. Mosley says:


    The funny thing is I write about these things but I rearly eat them. Its kinda sad.

  3. Kevin Ricche says:

    I agree with Mr. Bacon Pants. I tried this today and it was much better than the Baconator.

  4. Chris James says:

    I gave it a review over at (shameless plug alert) my blog and found it to be OK, but mildly dissapointing. I mainly took BK to task for not throwing a piece of cheddar or pepper jack on there, considering the price.

    I also note that I may be taking out my anger at BK for taking away the TenderCrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch on the BBQ Bacon.

  5. Mosley says:


    Its ok to plug your blog… I am now going to go to yours and plug mine! 😉
    I agree the Chadder Bacon Ranch was great and it will be missed.

  6. Chris James says:

    Cool, I look forward to reading your comments.

    Blogspot has been acting up all morning, so if you have any problems, be patient and/or try commenting again later in the day.

  7. Chris James says:

    It looks like the sandwich is back (and still no cheese).

  8. Grub says:

    I love the tendercrisp bacon cheddar rance, no one tells you to behave. All you fantasies come true, Dallas cheerleaders give you shaves.

  9. Yummmmm….. bacon!!!

    Love it, Love it, Love it.

    All that sandwich there needs is to get rid of the rest of the meat and pile on more bacon.

    And for the best bacon you will ever eat … I can’t agree with the crispy bacon. I love pork belly bacon all crisped up in a BLT, but for the best bacon sandwich the pork loin needs to be left with a yielding bite, though I do concede that that the fat is much more tasty after it has rendered slightly and turned golden.

    Apologies that I don’t know the US terms for the bacon .. in the UK we have “streaky” bacon cured from belly pork and “back” bacon from the loins.

    And for the best bacon of all? Don’t buy shop bought. Curing at home is easy and beats the pants off of supermarket and fast food bacon.

  10. If it has barbeque, I know I’m going to like it.

  11. wsm 22 says:

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