If you’re an Apple lover you’re going to need to check out MacMeter.com. It’s a social-news website like Digg or Reddit, but focused on Apple. It also has a friendly community behind it, but it could be bigger. That is were you come in.


If you’re a Mac fan you should sign up. The website says it should only take you about 7 seconds, which I know to be true because I just did it. Then you can start to comment, add news, and PowerUp content that you like.

After browsing the site for awhile I found something that made this not just another Digg clone. They have a section on the site called Ideas. It is places were you can write an open letter to Steve Jobs about how you think he can make Apple better. I like this part of the site a lot, since I just got my Mac a month ago and already have a few ideas I would like to share with the community. If you have ideas of your own, that is even more of a reason to sign up.

I know a lot of Apple fan boys read this blog, so it I don’t see you at MacMeter.com I will be a little disappointed. Oh and if you’re a Mac hater. You should still sign up and tell us your ideas on how to improve the Mac or submit stories that support your hate for Macs. So in closing, if you’re a lover or a hater, sign up and have fun!

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