I have been driving for about 9 years and found that there are many different types of annoying drivers. Here is a list of the first nine I could think of, if you think I missed an important one feel free to comment. If you are one or more of these drivers, please try to change your bad driving habits.

Instant Beepers, are drivers that as soon as the light turns green they beep at you. NOTE: If you encounter one of these drivers, drive thought the intersection as slow as you can.

Ambiguous Lane Choosers, are drivers that drive right down the middle of two lanes or dance from lane to lane without using turn signals. What really makes me mad is when there people are driving under the speed limit, you can get around them.

Floor Pickers, are drivers that are not looking at the road, but instead are looking at the floor trying to pick something up. What ever you have just drop can not be that important, so why don’t you just wait until you stop driving.

Peddle Pushers, are drivers that rev there engines at any stop sign or light. I really hate it when it’s not even a bad ass muscle car, but instead some POS Civic.

Bass Boomers, are drivers that play there music way to loud. Most of the time the bass is so loud, it sounds like its going to vibrate the car apart. I often wonder how there hearing is after driving around town.

Butt Flickers, are divers that flick there cigarette butts out the window. I guess they don’t realize that it’s littering. My favorite is when I see someone do this, and it just blows right back in there back window.

Brake Slammers, are divers that for no reason slam on there brakes in the middle of open road. I think most of the time these people are just lost and panic. Still they should really try stopping at a gas station, not the middle of the road.

Slow Pokes, are drives that insist on drive 5 to 10 miles per hour under the speed limit. You will find that most of these types of drives are over the age of 65.

Cat Callers, are drivers that feel it’s necessary to beep at every girl they see on the side of the road. Do they really thing anything good is going to come from this? I have never seen a girl go, “Oh Baby, Take me home!”, after a guy beeps at them.

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9 Responses to Nine Types of Annoying Drivers

  1. Sheila says:

    While stopped at a busy intersection with a long stoplight in Raleigh, N.C., I saw a police officer make a “butt flicker” get out of their car and pick it up. I was so happy to see that. When ever I see a “butt flicker” I usually say some sarcastic remark about the world being their ashtray.

  2. Mosley says:

    Haha I would have loved to have seen that!

  3. Emily says:

    The ‘Head in the Clouds’ or ‘I just don’t care about other drivers’ driver.
    They go slow in the passing lane and back up traffic and anger fast drivers such as myself. They turn like a snail at intersections, not realizing that other drivers want to turn too before the light changes. They turn at the last minute, either not using their turn signal or a split second before they turn, not realizing traffic behind them is going 55mph and can’t possibly stop in time without switching lanes. God forbid there’s not an empty lane besides them. I’ve almost wrecked numerous times, because of drivers like these.
    And Mosley you know you fit into this category!! This kind of driver is the reason I’m an irrate driver 50% of the time.

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  5. Retro says:

    Who doesn’t love classic cars? Seems everybody does and hollywood has jumped on the bandwagon too. You see them in just about every movie and TV show now.

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  7. Shelby Cars says:

    I used to be one of those people that threw butts out the window… then one blew back in and I didn’t notice until it lit the papers on the floor of my backseat on fire… now I know exactly what the pull out thing below my stereo is and what I should use it for!

  8. Ashlea says:

    Word….this brought a smile to my face, as in Idaho (yes, home of the infamous senator Larry “Toe-tapper” Craig. Google him, you will laugh your ass off!!), we encounter every type of these morons on a daily basis…I’d get Carple Tunnel flippin them all the bird!!!

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