The Apple iPhone is set to go on sale June 29th. I think I might be one of the few people that really don’t want one of these things. Bellow is an excerpt from the article about the announcement.

“Apple announced the date on Sunday, with three television commercials showing off the phone’s large touchscreen and ability to watch video, play music and display photos. The ads can also be seen on the company’s Web site.” – Here is the full Story

In the article I find out that only AT&T will be allowed to sale the iPhone. That is the second reason I don’t want this. I would have to change carriers. And I am happy with the one I have now. So AT&T and Apple would have to offer an amazing deal for me to consider. Lastly, it always seems that it takes Apple a few times to get things right. Just look at the first generation iPods and the ones now. That hardly compare to each other anymore. I am sure the iPhone will fallow the same trend.

So even it I did want one I would wait at least a year, so the price would drop and the technology to get better. Plus, I am sure one of my friends will get one, so I can get the change to play with one eventually.

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2 Responses to iPhone on Sale June 29th

  1. I think the real reason not to buy them is that they don’t have a regular touch keypad, you are supposed to type on the keyboard displayed on the screen. Sounds awful to me. They don’t show this part in any of the commercials, which are admittedly pretty cool.

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