As many of you know, I have been trying out the tips I learn online about how to make money online, on this blog. Here is the review that started it all and here is the fallow up a month later. After a month I found that my blog can make money, but sadly it’s not enough to live off of.

The main reason I am not making more is because I don’t have enough traffic coming to the site. You need a lot of dedicated readers to make PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising pay off, because only about 1 in every 500 people click on an ad. So I would need at least 10,000 visits a day to really make anything.

Now have to make a decision. “Are the ads worth putting on my site for $20 a month?” No, the small amount of money I am making is not worth what the ads take away from the look and content of my site. Maybe if I was pulling in $100 a month I would think differently.

So I am giving the ads another month so see if they have an upward trend. If my ad revenue goes down or stays about this same I am going to remove them. If it goes up at least $5 I will keep them. I would like to add I am only talking about Adsense and Kontera. I will keep text-link-ads, Review Me, Talkshoe, and Affiliate sales. Since they can make me revenue with out detracting from the content like the other two are doing.

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7 Responses to Is Making $20 Online Worth It?

  1. Angela says:

    I’m starting to get sick of the Kontera on my site. I’d keep the Adsense. I’ve made a good amount of money with Adsense. I mean, nothing to quit my job for, but nice nonetheless. It took me a long time before I started making money with it though.

  2. Creedo says:

    Keep the dough man, you write content you deserve revenues that is Internet and don’t let people mislead you.

  3. Mosley says:

    I agree Kontera is annoying but as of right now its my biggest money maker between the two. But I think I will talk it off in till I get more link love.

    Yes it is nice to get paid but its kind of a joke. I cant see the money in till I make $100 bucks and at this rate that would take a year. Like I said if my revenue goes up this month I will keep both. Thanks for the comment!

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  5. Alan Liew says:

    I think changing your AdSense ads format to large rectangle format will boost your Ad revenue. Large rectangle AdSense ad format is bigger and it is easier to catch people eye, if you use this format I think you should make some more money with AdSense.

  6. Mosley says:

    thanks for the tip Alan! I will have to give that a try. I just think that it might make the text to wraped.

  7. D.Embury says:

    I too am feeling the pinch. I think this month on one of my blogs I’ve earned about $8.00. It’s not a big worry since I just use it to describe life as it goes on, or sometimes just to rant a little, but I still wonder if it’s all worth it.

    BTW, The link here is NOT my blog, so don’t go there if you want to find out what I’m talking about.

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