I was reading thought a few blogs like Ryan Shamus dot Com and found out about a great wordpress plug-in. Its call “Buy Me a Beer”, the name tells you what his plug-in is all about. In stead of having a “Please Donate” button on your site, you can ask people to buy you a beer.

I think this can work because I have seen this before. Have you ever seen a bum on the street asking for money? He might say something like this, “Hey can you give me some change? My kid is sick.” Most people respond, “No way dude, you’re just going to buy beer with it.” Then there are the ones that say, “Hey can you give me some money for a beer?” and people are more likely to replay, “Sure”! I have seen this happen many times. If it can work for bums is can work for me too.

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3 Responses to Buy Me a Drink

  1. Angela says:

    I like the little beer icon. It’s cute. The problem with the plugin though, is when I was installing it, I kept getting that T-Pain song, “Buy You a Drank” stuck in my head. :/

  2. Mosley says:

    haha! Sorry. 😉

  3. SamBMD says:

    Here is a cell phone app that comes out in May 2011 that you can send drinks through! Buy Me A Drink APP http://www.buymeadrink.net

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