As most of you know I have been studying Objectivism more and more. I even have a podcast about it now. Well, I noticed that my humorous post and my serious post were conflicting with each other. I would have a post about bacon followed by a post about the War on Individualism. So I thought that I better start a new blog to keep these ideas separated.

The new blog is called, and it will be where all my objectivism-related content will go. Don’t worry, I will still post here almost every day and since objectivism is the philosophy I live my life by, you will still see a few related posts slip in from time to time. I will also offer podcasts on both sites. I think the new blog will help me write more focused posts on the subject and get more involved.

In closing, if you read this blog for my funny and sometimes serious insights on objectivism, please add to your favorites. It’s hard getting reads, so I hope that some of you will be fans of the new blog. I also forgot to mention that the Co-Host (Brandon) from the podcast will also be posting on the new site too.


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3 Responses to Blogging: Who Needs It?

  1. marjie says:

    you know I thought about that too, but it turns out I don’t have as much thoughts on the war and politics as much as I thought, so however chaotic my blog seemed, I was happy to atleast fill it with some thoughts no matter what the subject is.

    anyway, i look forward to your new blog. hope I could find some thought provoking peices in there to inspire me.
    more power to that!

  2. Mosley says:

    I hope I can inspire you! Have you listened to the podcast yet?

  3. Rick says:

    of course
    but not the new shows.

    I have two feeds for you now, neither register new showwwwsss….yeah they don’t.

    So you are to blame.

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