I wrote the fallowing feature for shinyfire.com years ago. I don’t know how I found it again but when I read it cracked me up. What was I thinking back then? These movies ideas sound crazy. But that’s the great think about blogging, you can look back and see how much you have grown and changed thought the years.

I came up with these ideas one day while eating grilled stickies alamode at Eat n’ Park with my friend Jon. Some of them were so funny or stupid that I had to share them with you. If you have your own bad movie ideas please share them in the comments.


This is a sad little story about the last ugly duck growing very old and depressed because he never had little ugly ducklings of his own. At the end of the movie, it shows the slow painful death of this hideous creature. It will almost make you cheer to see something this ugly vanish from the earth forever.


This is a fun little cartoon horror movie about a serial killer farmer that kills hoes with his trusty hoe. Never before has there been a cartoon as violent as this! Stupid parents will take their small children to this movie, not realizing what it is, and scar them for the rest of there lives. Just think, a whole generation scared of farmers and farming equipment!


This is the best movie idea that we came up with… a movie were people will randomly blow up throughout the movie! Think about it. Have big stars make cameos just to blow them up. Plus when they blow up there is no blood and guts, just bright colored paint and confetti. Just think a touching love scene where one member of the couple blows up all over the place. Or the reunion of a father and son after years of being apart, and just as they’re close enough to hug, the dad blow up all over the son. It would be great. — Shinyfire.com(2003)

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  1. D. Bender says:

    I liked the last idea

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