As many of you know I got a new Mac. I would like to report I love it, but there have been some problems. I have to remember its Apple + C to copy not Ctrl + C; I have to relearn my short cuts. It’s strange how your fingers think there smarter then you and still try to hit that Ctrl key. The second problem is, I know what software works well on a PC but I know nothing when it comes to Macs.

The first time I ran in to this problem was on the second day I got my computer. I was trying to find a chat program that would allow you to be invisible and work with other chat clients. iChat was not cutting. So I looked at a few Mac blogs and found what I was looking for, a fast, free, and clean looking instant massager that worked with AIM, Yahoo, and Google. The program is called Adium; it has all the features you would expect to see and a chat program and more.


Here is what make this my number one chat program. Adium has great support and help files, so you’re never lost on how to do something. They update their blog at least 3 times a week, so you know there actively working on the project. They have an Xtras page were you can customize the heck out of it. Lastly, there logo is a green duck. You can’t get any better then that. I use this program every time I start my computer.

Here are my closing comments. I do like iChat but it just doesn’t feel complete to me. Plus, I always like open source projects better anyway. Most of the time they are on the cutting edge of technology and the big guys are playing catch up. If you have a Mac give Adium a try, you will not be disappointed.

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3 Responses to Adium: A Better Instant Messenger

  1. pat says:

    I really like Adium. It’s probably the best chat application I’ve ever used. There really isn’t a PC equivalent. I’ve tried GAIM, Trillian, Miranda on Windows and none of them come close.

    If my imac wasn’t such a dinosaur I’d use it much more.

  2. Mosley says:

    I enjoy it too. I am so glad I got a mac!

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