Sometime last year I ran across a blog call, the blog of an internet marketing guru. Most of his posts talk about how to ”make money online” through google ads, text links, and many other affiliate sites.

Some people say that his blog is unrealistic because most of the money making tips would only work for a high traffic site like his. And that his $8,000 a month income from it would never happen to 99.9% of the blogs that try it too.

Well that got me thinking. Why not try some of John’s tips on this blog and see what a real “personal” blog can make. At the end of this month I am going to see how much money I pull in from Talkshoe, Adsense, text-link-ads, affiliate sales, and Kontera. I think I am going to make more this time then I have in the past, when I tried to monetize my blog. But I don’t think it’s going to be anything to get excited about either.

I first big step to see if this will work is writing this post about By writing this I will be linked on his front page. That will hopefully send some much need traffic my way. If you would like to get a boost in traffic too just write a review and read this.

UPDATE: So far I have only maded $12 but that mostly from It seems my podcast are more popular then my blog.

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5 Responses to The Blog I Obsessively Read

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  2. BigGun says:

    For the record, bacon rules.

    I love it.

    I think your blog is great too! If you take the time to check my blog out, I think you’ll find that we both have a non-homosexual crush on John

    Keep up the good work, and I’ll check back for updates regularly.

    I blogrolled you, and hope you do the same :)


  3. Mosley says:

    Bacon dose rule!

    I am checking out your blog right now… and as soon as I am done I will add you to my blogroll too.

    I try to update once a day m-f so I hope you do come back. 😉

    or and your right John Chow is my hero!

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