I was telling people I was going to do this a long time now and now I think it’s time. I am going to delete my MySpace account. Since I don’t have any use for it anymore. All it dose is help people jump to conclusions about what kind of person I am, with out even talking to me first. Most of the time if it’s a negative conclusion, they just miss understood the facts and if they would just talk to me they would realize that. I don’t have time to write in my blog and keep my MySpace politically correct (so people want assume they hate me).

It’s funny, when I tell people I am going to do this I get two statements back. The first statement is, “Good I hate MySpace too!” and the second is, “If you delete your MySpace how will I talk to you”? I first one doesn’t bother me and I was expecting to hare it, but I can’t get over the second.

Are these people joking? Do they really think that if I get rid of my account that they will never talk to me again? How did we get in contact before? I bet you could call me or send me an email, if you remember how. It amazes me how people are so dependent on a website.

That is the second reason I am doing this. I don’t want to promote something that people are using to replace real human interaction. If you are my friend then you should know that I am going to talk to you, and that I don’t need a MySpace account to make plans with you. I think the only people I am going to miss out on are the ones that I don’t see everyday. But still they could just email or visit this blog to track me down.

I don’t know why my feelings about this site changed so much? Maybe it’s because I am getting older, or the fact I enjoy a good face to face conversation and hate having one that takes place in over 25 MySpace messages.

So in closing I would like to say stop reading about people and start listening to them. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone with a good conversation over coffee.

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10 Responses to MySpace, Get Out of MyFace

  1. Angela says:

    God, I hate Myspace 😉 No really, I’m not a fan. Half the profiles are spam, the other half are people I don’t want to talk to anyway.

  2. Mosley says:

    It’s a nice feeling to know I am not alone… I used to get 6-10 spam profiles a day… and your right hafe the people on there I never really needed to talk to.

    It feels good to be free again 😉

  3. Dug says:

    Hey dude. Lets do coffee.

    Your place or mine
    We can talk about Ayn

  4. mrsnesbitt says:

    I could never get away with Myspace. There is some agro going on between themselves and photobucket. I use photobucket a lot!
    Great Blog here!
    Greetings from North Yorkshire, UK.

  5. Mosley says:

    Mrs. Nesbitt,
    Greetingso to you too

    I like your blog, there are lots of eye candy (good pictures)!

    Also I glad I am done with myspace I feel like I am finlly starting to grow up a little.

  6. Dug says:

    Yes mrsnesbitt has a nice blog.A nice read on the easter season.Good to see the reason is not lost

  7. Samuel says:

    I’m not the biggest myspace fan, but I am addicted to myspace mobsters :)

  8. skyline says:

    Wow I read a post like this and think, Man are that many people actually using Myspace.

    A friend told me about it once and I checked it out. First impression was: Oh Good! the internet has a Ghetto.

    I am so heavy a tech geek that I force myself to not use the internet as a social outlet. Aside from gaming directly with family members(No matter how old I get it’s still Fun to shoot my older brother)

    I even find it supremely messed up to type:

    “That is the second reason I am doing this. I don’t want to promote something that people are using to replace real human interaction.”

    Posting this on a blog is replacing real human interaction. If you are going for Irony, you nailed it.

  9. Jason Mosley says:


    My blog is not a social network. Its media… so this dose not replace human interaction. Say my blog is replacing human interaction is like saying people who create magazines are replacing human interaction.

    Still I am glad your a fellow myspace hater. :)

    I just wanted to point out that I was not going to Irony.

  10. skyline says:

    I was going for Irony.

    Hence: “I force myself to not use the internet as a social outlet.” While typing in a blog.

    Then getting on someone else’s case.

    I can see your point, however you cannot add your own content to a magazine like you can a blog. Because you can add your own content, that pretty much defines it as interactive.

    Not to a myspace level or anything but I think it still qualifies.

    As a kid we had BBS systems(before internet, about 15 years) and one was called The NBA (Nun Beaters Anonymous) It was text based and pretty funny to me then so I can’t rag on kids using Myspace but I am surprised at the level of adults who cling to it.

    It’s seems like they get a feeling of tech savvyness or trendyness because they have a myspace page. Just an observation.

    Cheers to MYSPACE HATING!!!

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