This morning when I was checking my mail I found that I had a new comment on my post about John Chow. I quickly got excited because that means that my site was posted on his home page. But then when I went to check out his blog, my web browser informed me that his page can not be found. My excitement is gone, for now. I guess I am not the only one that has server issues from time to time.

Note: I am at work and they will not install Firefox.

Well since I couldn’t obsessively read Johns blog I figured I would check out the commenter’s. I was pleasantly surprises that the first article was pretty interesting to me. It was about people’s reaction when you tell them you’re trying to make money from your blog. It’s a pretty good read because it answers a lot of the question people ask. For instants, “Where dose the money come from?” and “How do you even start a blog?” So before you start ask me these questions read this post.

Also I know I have been dropping the bacon on reviewing indie bands lately. It’s because I haven’t at the time to listen to any of the new tracks I downloaded from emusic. Once I get some time I will try to post two a week. The secret is, when I do get time, I am going to write more then one so I get a back log of content to post. That way if one day I have writers block I have something in the hold.

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7 Responses to Can my Blog Make Money?

  1. Angela says:

    I thought I had lost my internet connection but I think it’s just John’s site. :/

  2. Mosley says:

    I’am sad becuse today was the day my review was posted :(.
    I should try and get john to move his site to my servers hehe.

  3. BigGun says:

    I’m also patiently waiting for Johns site to come back up…I wonder what happened?

    Needless to say, I bet he’s not happy!!

    Anyway thanks for the review and I will return the favor :)

    Seeya bacon boy!

  4. James says:

    Not sure if you’ve read elsewhere, but John’s blog (server actually)was hacked early this morning. My site, Ramblings from the Marginalized and The Beginning blogs were the first to notice and chronicled the info.

    He’s probably cleaning up the mess as we speak.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Mosley says:

    BigGun – np i always review sites i like 😉

    James – that dose help. I think I remember reading about this before it(hacking)happen. I guess alot of SEO and Money Making blogs were going to get hit.

    Thanks for keeping me updated!

    PS – My site got hacked a few month ago. It took about a day to get it back online. John’s site is a little bigger them mine I am sure it will take more time.

  6. Tim Archer says:

    Looks like John’s site is down. Has been down most of the day for me. :(

  7. Dug says:

    Hey BigGun I like the new nicname
    Bacon boy.Think his girlfriend calls him that.

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