I know everyone has heard of a DVD commentary, where the writers and directors talk over the movie and give you an inside view; well I thought that I could do that for a blog. The reason I thought of this was because I noticed that most podcast were about technology or Star Wars. The only good one I found was Shinyfire Radio and I don’t think that should count since I am one of the hosts. So I wanted to think of an original idea for a podcast, something that would be easy to produce and fun to do.

The first thing that came to mind was, just talk about what I posted on my blog every Sunday and recorded it live a Talkshoe.com. Then I realized if I did do that, it would be a blog commentary.

I know people out there are going to think I really take myself and this podcast seriously. Well I don’t, the commentary is suppose to be fun, and poke fun at all the podcast clichés and shameless self-promotion that people do on sites like MySpace and YouTube. If people can post 300 pictures of themselves on their MySpace or post a video of them lip singing to a stupid pop song on YouTube, I can have a podcast about my own blog!

Lastly if you would like to do a guest commentary for my blog just send me an email with the recorded file or join in live on Sundays at Talkshoe.com.

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2 Responses to My Blog has Audio Commentary

  1. Rick Giles says:

    Get out of bed, Bacon.
    I’m going to be online and talkshoeing tonight about Objectivism.

  2. Mosley says:

    Sweet! What is the name of your show so I can listen to it?

    Also next week my objectivism podcast is going to make a comeback!

    Oh and naxt time you want me out of bed, cook up some bacon. I can smell bacon cooking on the other side of the world!

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