A few days ago is found a site that inspired me to start creating flash games again, it’s called Kongregate. It’s like a MySpace for game lovers and developers. Here is what they have to say about themselves:

“Founded in 2006 and currently in a state of heavy development, Kongregate seeks to create the leading online hub for players and game developers to meet up, play games, and operate together as a community.”

They have weekly and monthly contest were you can win cash prizes. Also just for hosting your game there they give you profit sharing on the advertising. You can really tell that they are really trying to build a committed community of developers.

I know what you’re thinking if they host my game do they take the rights to it. The answers is no. You keep all rights to your content. You can have you game deleted at anytime and the game dose not need to be exclusively hosted there. I know some other site like this try to take the rights from you. As of right now Kongregate is not one of them.

I am going to be uploading a few games soon and I have a few other ideas I am going to start working on too. If you sign up let me know and I will add you as a friend. Make sure you play the game “Fancy Pants” it’s an amazingly smooth game.

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