Adobe is coming out with CS3 March 27th. I would be more excited but the sad thing is I just got the place were I work to upgrade me to CS2. The only why I can get them to upgrade me again is if CS3 has some unbelievable feature I can’t live with out.

That is why I am going to need your help. The two programs I use everyday are Photoshop and InDesign. So, if you are getting CS3 let me know how the new features work and give me your opinion about how useful they are. Just email them to jmosley[at]mrbaconpants[dotcom]. Thanks!

I am hopefully be going to a CS3 release meeting March 27th at New Perspective. Go here for more details. Evertime the Pittmfug has a meeting something come up so I can make it. I hope the trend stops.

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One Response to Help, I need a CS3 upgrade!

  1. Josh Sager says:

    It will be a grand affair. I hope to see you there. Keep on blogging. I love to read about what you’re up to :)

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