Ever since I got my eMusic account I have been finding good bands left and right. I only have the 30 downloads a month plan and I usually use them up the first day I get them. If you don’t know what eMusic is you better just go to there site and find out.

Q: What is eMusic?
A: eMusic is among the top digital music services, selling millions of downloads each month and offering a diverse catalog of over 2 million tracks from established and emerging artists in every genre from the world’s top independent labels. Unlike other services that restrict what you can do with your music, eMusic allows members complete flexibility to burn CDs, transfer to MP3 devices and make multiple copies for personal use. eMusic subscription plans are also extremely affordable, with per track costs that are a fraction of what you’d pay for music on other major digital music stores.” – eMusic.com (aff)

Every week I am going to review a band I find in the site. The first is going to be a band called “Beat Beat Beat”.

Living In The Future

Beat Beat Beat

Living In The Future

I will be honest here, the main reason I listened to this band was the name. How can you pass up a band that uses one word three times in its name?

Here is was All Music Guide had to say about them:

“Beat Beat Beat may have been playing the clever irony card when they named their debut album Living in the Future, because this band sounds as if they’re desperately trying to turn the clock back to 1977… Don’t think that’s a criticism, though — Beat Beat Beat have the goods, and play with the kind of energy, snotty attitude and fast/loud tunefulness that would make their leather-jacketed forefathers proud.” – AllMusic.com

That’s pretty amazing statement, but after listening to the band I realized that it was defiantly a fan that wrote the review. Don’t get me wrong they are a good band, but I wouldn’t say they would make the forefathers of punk proud. The CD is boring. It’s the same hooks and riffs that the forefathers already played out 20 year ago. I was hoping with a name like Beat Beat Beat that they would bring something new to the table that would mix well with the old. Also the recoding itself could have been a little better. If you listen you can hear more then a few missed notes (Why would you leave those in a recording?). Also, something about the mix is off; maybe it’s the vocals getting lost in sea of fuzzy guitars or the almost inaudible bass drum.

The CD is not a total loss there are a few good songs worth downloading. “Don’t Tell Me Now” is one that you can sing along to the first time you hear is. So in my book that makes it an instant classic. Lastly I think “Hate Me” is not that bad, it just sounds like a lot of other good punk/rock songs. If you listen closely it kind of has a Misfits sound to it.

If you’re looking for a CD to play on a road trip and sing along too then this is for you. But keep in mind the replay value of this CD is low since it was not recorded that well and the hooks and vocals are kind of weak.

This band gets two out of five Bacon strips.

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4 Responses to Beat Beat Beat

  1. Dug says:

    A good read. Very interesting.And long,WOW!

  2. Mosley says:

    thanks! im glad some one read it 😉

  3. pat says:

    We were supposed to play with these guys once, but their van broke down. There’s nothing wrong with lo-fi recording and missing notes! I made a pseudo-career out of it for years in the Radio Beats. Burn this album for me.

  4. Mosley says:

    good point… haha!

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