Last week I was chatting with a friend on AOHell Instant Messenger and as usual I was having problems. After it logged me out for the 5th time my friend suggested that I use a site called Meebo. I asked him if it was another one of those bug ridden all in one chat programs. He informed me that it was not just an “all-in-one”, but a web based chat client that is more stable then AOHells downloaded program.

Here is what Meebo say about there product:

Meebo is a web based IM that lets you log into your IM networks from any computer with a browser and internet connection with no firewall issues. It employs technologies (like AJAX) to make it act more like a desktop application, which dramatically improves usability. Many users enjoy the benefits of a native DHTML application, as it does not consume as many system resources…

Since it is web based and I don’t have to install anything I thought I would give it a try. Wow it was love at first IM. It worked just like any other chat client but more. That’s right there is more! You can place a Chat window on any website so people can IM you. So if you have a blog your readers (if you’re online) can talk to you right from your webpage. You are going to have to see in action to believe it.

I don’t think I will use it on this site, but I will for, my hosting company. Now I can give support to my customers live right on the site. Also if someone is about to sign up and has questions I can take care of them before they leave and I lose a sale.

They are always updating the service. If you tried this in the past and didn’t like it, check it out again. If you are like me and never heard of it before give it a try. Like I said you will fall in love at first IM.

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2 Responses to AOHell is dead, Meebo Lives!

  1. I’m using the Meebo widget on my Netvibes pages. It’s a pretty good combination.

    What’s a little annoying is that the Buddy List doesn’t remember its position between signing in and out…

  2. Mosley says:

    I know what you mean!

    I also don’t like the fact that your buddies list is alphabetize…

    But it seems that they are alway updating it so I bet soon our grips will be fixed! 😉

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