I don’t think people are getting the point of my podcast talk Objectivism on talkshoe.com. I hope the following will help.

Also I started this podcast NOT because I am an expert or even think that I am an expert. It was started because I feel that people are not talking about this stuff enough and the people that do are intellectual snobs. And snob there nose at people that do not know every word that came out of Ayn Rand’s mouth. I wonted this to be a friendly place for new people to talk about objectivism with friendly experts. (I just need to find them.)

I just like the philosophy and try to live my life by it, but I don’t have the time to sit, read and analyze every book every written on the subject. So I depend on an open dialog to keep me informed and motivated to learn for myself.

Ever since I started this podcast I have learned a lot from people. And that is what it’s all about. I just need a little help people who are the experts. So I can ask them questions, talk, and learn live on the show. So then maybe other people will not feel intimidated about this philosophy and will start to learn it on there own, too.

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