I got some feedback about the first talkObjectivism podcast. It was all pretty good, so I am happy about that. I know the show well get better. I just need to get people to call in.

The first email I got was from the President of the Ayn Rand Club at UCI. He told me how to say “Ayn” correctly and told me that I should not go to, www.objectivistcenter.org.

“I strongly suggest not to visit “Atlas Society” or “the Objectivist Center”. They were started by David Kelley, who was kicked out of the Ayn Rand Institute after restarted to preach things against Objectivism. You should judge this for yourself, but I thought I’d warn you as soon as possible.”

I heard about this before but I still find that the website is easier to use then www.aynrand.org. If they can get the content more searchable I will use it.

On the second show I talk about Monopoly’s and how they can’t happen in a free market. The show was kind of slow. I have a few people that might call in next week. So that should improve things.

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4 Responses to Ayn is pronounced like “mine” or “fine”.

  1. Mike says:

    I recomend Diana Hsieh’s commentary on ARI and TOC http://www.dianahsieh.com/misc/toc.html However, if you think you are too new to Objectivism to make an informed judgment, best to stick with Rand’s writing only until better aquanted with the philosophy.

  2. Mosley says:

    I agree … I am going to stick with ARI in till I feel I can make my own opinions. Let me know if you would like to be on the show. It would be nice to get people on the show. Let me know if you feel that I should change the time I record.

  3. Um, the president of the Berkeley Objectivist Club is a girl! You may mean the a male president, like the president of the Ayn Rand Club at UCI, or the USC Objectivist Club, or UCLA L.O.G.I.C. or the Cal State San Francisco Club, or Rugters Objectivists,…

    And I would also suggest that you play it safe and read Ayn Rand’s writing to gain a better understanding of Objectivism.

  4. Mosley says:

    Um… that’s strange. That’s what I read on a myspace account. Why would some one lie about that? If you would like I can give you the link so you can talk to them. Since I live on the east cost I have no ideas what’s going on in the colleges out there.

    As for me reading… I learn by talking and action. If you were to the read the “read me” section on this site you will realize why it’s hard for me to learn by reading.

    Also I started this podcast NOT because I am an expert or even think that I am an expert. It was started because I feel that people are not talking about this stuff enough and the people that do are intellectual snobs. And snob there nose at people that do not know every word that came out of Ayn Rand’s mouth. I wonted this to be a friendly place for new people to talk about objectivism with friendly experts. (I just need to find them.)

    I just like the philosophy and try to live my life by it, but I don’t have the time to sit, read and analyze every book every written on the subject. So I depend on an open dialog to keep me informed and motivated to learn for myself.

    Ever since I started this podcast I have learned a lot from people. And that is what it’s all about. I just need a little help people who are the experts. So I can ask them questions, talk, and learn live on the show. So then maybe other people will not feel intimidated about this philosophy and will start to learn it on there own, too.

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