So I recorded my first talkObjectivism podcast last night. It was rough, I now respect those talk radio guys. How can someone just ramble on for 3 hours and make sense?

I recorded the show for about 30min, and then cut it down to a 15min show. It was amazing how smart I sounded after I took out all the “umm”, “but a”, “you knows”. You should listen to it at and let me know what you think.

Also, the show would be better if I had people to talk to live. So if you see it recording live, sign up and join the debate.

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2 Responses to talk Objectivism podcast

  1. I can not possibly stress that you should visit the Ayn Rand Institute’s site more than any other site:

    FYI, Ayn is pronounced like “mine” or “fine”

  2. Mosley says:

    Thank you for listening!

    People like you is the reason that I am trying to start this. Like I
    said I am no expert so I need people like you to have discussions
    with. If you let me know what time you can join, and I will setup a
    show for that time.

    It would help me out alot. I would really like to learn more and the
    way for me do it that is through talking to people like you.

    I know how to say her name but I was so nervous that I messed it up.

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