I have been involved in a great project to make Bellevue the hotspot for creativity. Its called Creative Treehouse and its above the vintage/artist department store, 517521. Here is what you will find on there myspace page:

The Creative TreeHouse is a new creative hub and community located in Bellevue, PA at the 517521 Building. Easily located 9 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Creative TreeHouse is a haven for creative professionals in Pittsburgh and those traveling through the area. It will act as a creative and learning community for those seeking a place to gather with other professionals under one roof…

We are looking to have learning and creative events here often so make sure you bookmark, www.creativetreehousepgh.com!

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2 Responses to Bellevue has a TreeHouse!

  1. Chris says:

    Cool project they have going on over there. Living in Bellevue, I probably should take a look at it sometime…

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