The place where I work handed out fliers about not smoking, so I thought I would make my own list of reasons not to.

• Only losers smoke
• It makes you a litter bug
• If pregnant women can’t do it, that must mean its bad for you.
• You will annoy nonsmokers and they will pass laws to force you to quite.
• Hot Girls/Guys hate smokers.
• Your clothes and breath will smell bad.
• Reduces you stamina in bed
• Nonsmokers can run faster and farther
• Nonsmokers have more money
• Food taste better
• Nonsmokers get better jobs
• Smoking it a way to tell people you’re stupid and lack the common sense not to do it. It also shows that you have a weak personality that is easily manipulated by peer pressure.

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3 Responses to Reasons NOT to use tobacco

  1. kerrakaczor says:

    it makes you skinny and thats no fair to fatty

  2. Laura says:

    kerrakaczor, smoking makes you skinny because it shrivels up your organs.

  3. Charlie Brown Pwns says:

    lawl, if pregnant women can’t do it, then it must mean its bad for you…wow
    It’s also a risk factor for disease and/or cancer =/

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