In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania they were trying to pass a smoking ban in all public places and privately own businesses. This is proof that big government is going beyond it’s propose. If this was allowed to pass, that would mean the government would be able to tell business owners how to run there business. If that seems ok to you then you ARE NOT some one who values your freedoms.

If everyone would just look around they would see that Capitalism (Free Market) is taking care of the situation for us and we have no need for government to step it. The businesses (bars and pubs) in the area are now offering smoke free nights and some also offer rooms that are smoke free. So if you don’t want to be around second hand smoke you have a choice. And if that is still not enough for you, open your own smoke free bar.

The main reason some of these options were not offerd sooner was the people didn’t let the businesses know that there was demand for smoke free nights and/or accommodations. So before you go crying to big government, try doing something yourself. Ask your favorite bar to try having a smoke free night. If you get enough people behind you no business will say no.

In free economy the customers rules!

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3 Responses to No Need for a Smoking Ban

  1. No need for smoking Ban? This angers me to not end. I work at a business that is privately owned by my boss and he allows smoking in his buildings. This makes me sick, I’m a non-smoker and I have to breath this filthy air, polluted by smokers that don’t have the decency to smoke outside. I’m pregent with my scecond child and everyday I fear for my childs life, that the smoke I’m breathing at work will kill or harm my baby! I shouldn’t have to work in a environment like that. You might say, so quit! If decent paying jobs were easy to come by, I would. I need the job, the money and I happen to like my job, but I hate the environment I have to work in. If you were a non-smoker trying to put up with the filthy stench of smokers, you would be on our side. Freedoms I support, yes, but I feel I have rights too, and I have the right to breath clean air, not polluted by smokers! Thank-You very much!

  2. Mosley says:

    I am a non-smoker too. You just have to understand that it is up to the owner of the business to make that choice NOT yours!

    If you feel that it is harming your baby then bring it up to him/her. I am sure that they will work something out with you. Also, you could ask the people to work with to please not smoke around you. I have friends that smoke and they never smoke around me since I have asked them not to.

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