Well since the money is rolling in from Shinyfire.com I decided to take a trip to Best Buy and pick up the new Mortal Kombat, Armageddon. When I got there I headed straight to the games. To my surprise the game only cost 39.99. When did Playstation games get so cheap? It’s been awhile since I get a new game but I remember them being 49.95. Well I wasn’t complaining so I quickly garbed a copy and headed to the check out lines.

It wasn’t that busy so I walked right up to the register and handed the clerk the game. She took a look at it and scanned it, then looked at me asking for my Driver’s License. I know the game is mature and it is clearly marked that you shouldn’t sell it to children under the age to seventeen. So I look at her blankly for a second and hand her my ID. I start thinking to myself do I really look under seventeen? You can see for yourself at my Myspace profile. Let me know if you would have carded me.

The game itself is awesome. It really is the best Mortal Kombat game to date. Well that’s about it. I am not going to review it here so you’re just going to have to look up someone else’s review for now.

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