I just updated were I lived and added the fallowing,

Just in case you’re really that obsessed with me, here are some of my claims to fame. In the early days of “Shinyfire.com”, I created a feature call “Test of Manliness”. It got linked on a bunch of sites and everyone made fun of me for not eating the pork. The next big feature that got popular was, “Ask Google”. It too got linked to many popular sites and gets around 8,000 visits a month. Since the first on was a hit I created a second one too called, “Ask Google: Part II”. My latest claim to fame is becoming co-host for the funniest podcast on the net, Shinyfire Radio’s, “Next Topic”. Well that all of them so far, but don’t worry when there’s more I’ll let you know.

That’s about it. Enjoy!

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