I went to the Pittsburgh Regatta Saturday and found the best thing in the world. FREE ICE CREAM! Yes you read that right, ice cream that was free. It was from Turkey Hill of Lancaster, PA. The funny thing is I used to live there and know that Turkey Hill is really just a mini mart. So them selling milk and ice cream would be like if UNI Mart owed a dairy and sold it all over the state. Its strange to me that they would sell there stuff at Giant Eagle. Enough about that it was still good free ice cream!

The Violent Femmes also played there that day. I am not sure if I am a fan of this band but they were still entertaining. So many crazy people (crazy hippies) like this band.

After that it was off to the South Side were everything was soring. So I am not going to write about. If you must know we just walked around and enjoyed the nice weather. Oh and watched stupid drunk people stumble around.

Congratulations you have reached the end of the uneventful post. Oh did I mention free ice cream?

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